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Thrifty Thursday offers this week

The Aldi super-six this week are carrots (1kg), broccoli (335g), spring onions, little gem lettuce (2), radish (200g) and tomatoes (6). They are all 39p each and that’s the same as last week. We might even have the weather for salad this weekend!

There is lots to choose from this week in the Thursday special buys.  The coloured saucepans, frying pan and wok look good.  I bought a frying pan and saucepan from Matalan on Bank Holiday Monday, last week. You can get a Matalan card and they send you offers. I had a voucher for 20% off. Unfortunately I didn’t find a sweater that I liked, but I bought a tee shirt, the saucepan and frying pan set and a set of glasses for £11.04.

Many of the Sunday special buys at Aldi are things for the bathroom.  On Aldi’s back to college page is a kitchen set that would be useful. Students need can openers and many find a cork screw useful too! The wok, frying pan and saucepans are useful. Many students keep leftovers in the fridge, like left over potato and they fry that with a bit of bacon and an egg for a meal. Microwave rice stir-fried with bacon or diced pork with a bit of soy sauce and five spice makes a meal too.

The kids go back to school next week where I live and Poundland has lots of back to school stationary for kids and students. Check out all the three for a pound stationary! Most supermarkets have back to school clothes on offer now, so check out school wear at Asda and Tesco.  They have school wear at Matalan too. Many kids will be glad to get back to their free school dinners next week.

This is the last weekend of the holiday for most kids so why not get out there and enjoy it? the weather forecast for where I live is quite good for the weekend, warm but cloudy. Why not check out your LNR (local nature reserve) and get a little exercise as well as taking the opportunity to relax.

I’ll be enjoying fresh runner beans from the garden this weekend. They are always worth planting, but I must try to plant them earlier next year and get them to germinate better. I do have a little greenhouse, but need a new plastic cover for it. I also have lots of apples on the trees this year. I’ve already had new potatoes from the garden for a few meals. I’m making compost again that can go into the bean trench next year to give me a better crop. We do have a garden waste service, but why throw away good compost? I prefer to grow runner beans with it.

I’ve been taking the money I’ve saved and investing it this week and so there should be at least one investment blog post to look forward to soon. It’s nearly 2 years since my first investment blog post when I bought shares in Premier Foods. Today those are up 222% on the 40p I paid and still rising!

That’s all for today, please comment and share your ideas and bargains. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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