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Darlaston | preserving images of industrial history

Darlaston factory

I have started photographing old buildings so we have some nostalgic reminders in years to come of our industrial past. I suppose even modern buildings will be interesting, they don’t last like they used to. I found this factory interesting and there are other buildings, like the fire station, that are interesting too. This was in Darlaston in the West Midlands, otherwise affectionately known as Darlo!

I did a few blog posts this week too, in between mowing the lawn. I also invested in a couple more companies on the London Stock Exchange. I wrote about those on Friday and published the posts both on WordPress and a Zillion Ideas.

Taylor Wimpey PLC (TW.L) | Investments was one of yesterday’s posts. That should be of interest to a few of my readers.

Solo Oil PLC (SOLO.L) | Investments was my other investment  post yesterday. Remember these posts are not advice. I just tell you what I have invested in. I don’t really expect others to be just as crazy!

Thrifty Thursday offers this week was the usual thrifty post on WordPress. We have to be thrifty and frugal so we  have a little money left over to save and invest for the future.

Engaging people in the modern world was Wednesday’s post about social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter; not forgetting offline socialising too. That was posted on a Zillion Ideas.

Neodigital Art and Photography was also on a Zillion Ideas and featured some of my photos from last weekend.

Photographing and preserving history was my post here on WordPress on Tuesday. That featured more photos of factories and the canal around Darlo.

A bit of Bank Holiday history was a post here on WordPress on Monday. That featured links to Google maps actually showing you where the places were.  You can go treasure hunting!

Are we all brainwashed or just weird was Sunday’s post and a ramble through what was on my mind on Sunday. I posted that and then went out to take more photos!

Why is the grass always greener somewhere else? asked the question about why people feel the need to travel so much. People ask me where I took photos, quite often. They’ve seen the tourist destinations of Europe, but not things in their own backyard.

That’s was it. This is my tenth blog post this week. I also mowed the lawn, did my cooking, had my hair cut, went out and took more photos a couple of times, did some shopping and managed to make a couple of investments too.

You are welcome to comment on this weeks posts and photographs in the comments box. You can subscribe to these blog posts or follow me on Twitter  for updates.


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