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Right or wrong?

Darlo factory

It’s hard to know what’s right or wrong these days. On this day in 1939, Germany invaded Poland. That was wrong. Right? Was it right that we should intervene and declare war on Germany? How many lives did that cost?

Parliament decided this week, not to intervene in the conflict in Syria.  Most people would say the nerve gas attack on the people there was wrong, but should we intervene when we know how these things can escalate? If you’re in a pub having a quiet drink and a couple of guys start fighting do you intervene? What if one does something outrageous and shoves a glass in the others face? Intervene or mind your own business?

During the Thatcher era lots of industry was closed down here in the Midlands. There was the poll tax and people protested on the streets. The miners went on the pickets lines and tried to stop the destruction of British mining and industry; they intervened. Many still believe that Thatcherism ‘saved Britain’. Many people still believe Hitler was right!

Now we have another right wing government cutting back. The students have been on the streets and other protestors. It was a riot! Did America try to help the students or the poor of Britain or did they mind their own business? Much of their business is now on the Internet with American companies dominating search engines and we have to bring pressure on those companies to force them to filter child pornography. Is child pornography wrong? Most people would say so. How about the rest of the pornography that young people watch and copy? How many people would admit that they watched that; out loud in the pub?

Cameron is in favour of war, it’s a vote winner. He was in favour of gay marriage for the same bloody reason. It’s amazing how they say Thatcher turned this country around and won the Falklands war when she never got her hands dirty or blood on her twin set. Cameron and Osborne want to go down in history for doing something very similar. They are amoral, they don’t even know the difference between right and wrong.

Western nations are industrialised, we make the machines, we make the technology. We have to be more careful who gets their hands on it. If we sell fighter jets to Arab leaders we have to expect them to use them. If we sell them chemicals we have to ask what they will use them for. We also have to set a moral example to the world by looking after our own. We have to put the most vulnerable in society first.

An executive in Belgium this week said he would accept a cap on executive pay and take a pay cut. Is it right that the chief executive of your local council should earn 150,000 a year when cleaners who actually do some work, earn less than 10,000 a year? I can tell someone else to clean the loo for 150,000 a year. I’m not so keen on doing it myself for 6.21 a hour at 6 in the bloody morning…

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3 responses

  1. Funny how there is never any talk about intervention in Zimbabwe. Is it because they have nothing the West wants? From what I can tell, the Syrian opposition are just as bad as those in power.

    1, September 2013 at 11:39 am

    • Hi Nick,

      Yes, there are so many countries where we could intervene, but we don’t. It’s not in our interests to do so. I’m not one for ‘charity begins at home’ but we have to be sensible. They won’t thank us for getting involved. We will just have retaliation in the form of terrorism and threats to our tourists.

      Thanks for commenting. I just got an email with your ‘roast’. 🙂

      1, September 2013 at 12:02 pm

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