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Photography | Victorian buildings

The Swan, Darlaston

There are still a lot of Victorian buildings in this area and they are worth photographing. I remember walking down this street many years ago on Christmas Eve. I could hear the Salvation Army band playing Christmas carols around the corner. It felt like I was travelling through time to the England of Charles Dickens. Darlaston is still quite Dickensian…

Town Hall

This is the Victorian town hall, it’s still quite imposing. I have photographed it before with my Fujifilm S5600, but this one with the Nikon is at 400 dpi. I removed a keep left sign from this photo. I could have made a better job of that!

White Hart 2

This is the White Hart in Caldmore village, Walsall. This building has a bit of a reputation. There was a timber frame building on the site in Elizabethan times, but this building replaced it as a sort of Manor House for a ‘gentleman’. It later became a public house and during the conversion they found a severed hand and arm that gave rise to a spooky story about it being a ‘hand of glory’ with magical powers! The house is also said to be haunted and a tunnel was rumoured to run underneath to the local church. The whole area is riddled with limestone mines.

Highgate Brewery Walsall

I’ve been meaning to take this picture for a while. I couldn’t remember where it was! My sat nav took me around and around in circles I think, but I got there in the end. It is the famous Highgate Brewery, home of Highgate Mild, one of my favourite ales.

I hope you liked this week’s photos. I hope I am preserving a little history as well as doing something artistic with some photos. Why not go out and photograph some of your local buildings for posterity? You can share your thoughts in the comments box or follow me on Twitter.

3 responses

  1. Great idea, Mike to use photography to preserve the history of older buildings. Of course, we here in the US don’t have old buildings by your standards in the UK, but once a building is gone, photographs may be the only record that it existed.

    You’re making it tough on me today to choose a favorite photo. They are all wonderful! If I had to choose, I would say the Victorian town hall, but the story of the White Hart was especially interesting!

    3, September 2013 at 9:05 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I didn’t mention that hookers used to ply their trade outside the White Hart! lol The story of the ‘Glory Hand’ was interesting. It led me to someone who might belong on my family tree too, I have to do more research on that.

      There are more edits on that you might like.

      Thanks for the visit. 🙂

      3, September 2013 at 9:49 pm

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