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Thrifty Thursday | offers and discounts

The Aldi Super-six this week  are mixed peppers (3), mild onions (4), figs (4), sweet potatoes (750g), Kiwi fruit (6) and fun-sized pears (8). They are all 69p each and the offer runs to the 11th September. It’s always a good idea to click the link to their website and check the offer is still the same. 

On the same page as the super six on their website is an offer on turkey mince, it says reduced from 1.89 to 1.39; that is often reduced, but I usually pay 1.75. It’s OK to make a cottage pie with; certainly cheaper than lamb.

The Thursday special buys include gardening things like a spade and fork. The safety wellingtons with a steel toe cap might be useful.

The Sunday special buys includes tools and bedding. The leather working gloves look useful (2 for 2.99).

They had the coloured saucepans and frying pans in my local Aldi last week. I had a frying pan from Matalan, but had another one from Aldi. I’ll stock up on anything to save money!

I got a voucher when I was in Matalan at Bank holiday for £10 off when I spent £25 online. So I bought goods for £26 and ending up paying £16 plus 3.50 delivery. That’s a useful saving. I have a new sweater for the winter, Pierre Cardin boxers and a tee shirt. They might be delivered a little later today..

There is only a couple of weeks to the Autumnal equinox now. Autumn is nearly here and we have to think about winter bills and dare I say it, Christmas! I’ll start watching out for presents now, that I can get a little cheaper and stock up slowly on drinks and food for guests. The Banks’ beer in Aldi is 99p and in bottles, it keeps better than canned beer for Christmas. I bought a small tree saw from Aldi last week for 2.99. I’ve pruned the apple trees a bit with it and cut down an elderberry tree. It’s great for 2.99! The apple trees will save me some money, fruit seems to have gone very expensive.  I’ve been picking my runner beans too.

Many people are planning next year’s holiday in the sun. I can’t see the point of spending a small fortune on a holiday to lie in the sun. When I have a day out, I try to get value for money. I spend money on petrol to get there and save money by taking food and drinks with me. Then I enjoy the day and go where I want and record it all by taking photos and maybe a little video. I’m planning on going to a funfair this week, but I’ll take my camera and I doubt if I’ll spend much money!

Many young people are off to university now. They will need bedding, some cooking equipment and stationary. A laptop is essential too and they have some bargains on EBay. I saw this Samsung laptop at 269.99. I paid £400 for a similar one in Curry’s last year. That one is virtually the same specification too. They have flash drives on EBay too, it’s a good idea to carry a copy of your work around with you. Imagine writing 8,000 words of your dissertation; your laptop dies and you have no backup. You should save all your work in the same folder and then copy it to a flash drive and copy it to Windows Skydrive too. Three copies should be enough!

It’s time for me to save a copy of this to a server! That’s it for today. Spotted any bargains? Please use the comments box to share your finds. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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