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This weeks words and pictures

artistic in grey scale

It’s not very warm this morning in the heart of England. I suppose this is good news for the energy companies who will fleece us again this winter. Maybe, the new governor of the Bank of England can bring some pressure to bear on the water companies and energy companies to keep bills down this winter.

I suspect we will have a cold winter followed by a bloody drought in spring.

Money | How to double your standard of living was yesterday’s post on my other site. That’s worth reading if you’re a little short of money.

Thrifty Thursday | Offers and discounts was my usual thrifty blog on Thursday here on WordPress. We all have to try to save money while the government saves up to build HS2. The days of live now, pay later; are over!

Innovation and analogy was on a zillion ideas too. That was an interesting post for those innovators that need ideas.

Neodigital Art | Editing Victorian buildings was over on a Zillion Ideas too and was one of my popular art and photography posts.

Photography | Victorian buildings was my Tuesday post here on WordPress. Local readers might recognise a few places featured in that post.

Psychology | Friday the 13th was Monday’s psychology post. Yes, it’s Friday the 13th this week. Unlucky for some, but lucky for people who will win the Euromillions and lucky for some students at my local university who graduate on Friday. Congratulations to them! 

Blogging every day was a post on Sunday that might be useful to all my blogger friends. I should mention that I heard the phrase ‘Google looks left’ last week. It refers to blog titles or headlines. The first words are more important for search engines. I must remember that!

Right or wrong? was my Sunday ramble here on WordPress. That was my most popular post of the week.

Those were my posts this week, in a week that saw a burglar in Buckingham Palace again. Michael Gove declared that kids do better at school if they have their own bedroom. Who knew?

At the G20 summit they discuss the poison gas attack in Syria. Some people want to bomb them. No one wants to contribute to the 2 billion cost of helping the refugees. We’re just an insignificant little island, not much we can do…

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