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Bargains to save even more money

The Aldi super six this week are cherry tomatoes (250g), broccoli, snack pack grapes (150g), carrots (1Kg), savoy cabbage and onions (1Kg). They are all 49p each. That offer starts today and lasts until the 25th of September.

The weather is getting colder in the UK and so I’ll be thinking about soups and stews again soon. I don’t have to do shopping this week, because I stocked up on Tuesday. I bought some work gloves, 2 pairs for £2.99; they were a bargain and ideal for doing the garden. I find that the herbs and spices in Aldi are often half the price of other supermarkets and so watch out for those. They often have basil plants too. Now is a good time to split those up, but they like it really warm and it’s going a little cool. One of mine has flowers on it.

In with the Thursday special buys, is some pipe insulation. That could stop your pipes freezing and maybe save money too, if you put it around hot water pipes. There are spring flowering bulbs too. I might get some daffodil bulbs. I have to dig up some bluebells and move them. I could have bluebells and daffodils in spring!  The Sunday special buys include lots of cleaning stuff. There is a slow cooker for £12.99. That is handy for cooking winter stews for the family. I find cooking a stew warms my kitchen and it’s cheaper to use gas than electricity.

I had a twin pack of back bacon from Aldi for £2.75, but if you’re not fortunate enough to live near a discount supermarket watch out for multi offers in the larger supermarkets. Asda is doing 2 packs of back bacon for £4.00. Tesco has a similar deal on bacon, but they do a cheaper everyday bacon too. They also do multi-bags of back bacon. You can actually buy 8 X 200 gram packs for £9.00. I like the idea of a smaller pack, because I could use the pack up quicker. But 8 of them? I suppose you could freeze them…

I bought a bottle of wine in Aldi for Christmas. That will save a few quid in December. My freezer is full of food now and so I’ll keep it full, it’ll use less electricity and I’ll have enough food to last through Christmas.

When I was in Matalan I picked up a voucher that gave me £10 off when I spent £25.00 online. I had two pairs of Pierre Cardin boxers, a sweater and a tee shirt for £26, less my discount plus postage and paid £19.50. I like the sweater, I needed a new one for the winter. Matalan have a few bargains in their homeware sale too, including half price towels.

I don’t like Ikea because they have Bank Holiday sales and cause traffic jams near my house. They have the odd bargain though. They have some things for students starting college this year. I can’t see scented candles being of much use, but an alarm clock for a pound would be useful.  If you have students starting college, check out Poundland for stationary too. I had a project book, which is great for notes on big projects like writing a dissertation. Get a diary too so you can make a note of when papers and assignments are due to be handed in.

Have you seen any bargains? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can subscribe and get emails every time there is a new post or follow me on Twitter for updates. Happy bargain hunting.


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  1. I got a HUGE, and I mean HUGE honey dew melon from the local green grocers for £1.00. Most green grocers sell the seasonal stuff so maybe there will be cheap melon near you, they also were selling bags of apples (like 8 in a bag) for £1.00 big apples, but I already have some in. I’m planning on freezing some of the melon in chunks, to add to me smoothie mix later in the year. 🙂

    12, September 2013 at 5:05 pm

    • Hi,

      Can you freeze melon? I thought it would go mushy. I did see someone freezing grapes to add to drinks instead of ice cubes though. I did buy fruit this week, but hope to harvest apples from my trees this week. I have runner beans in the garden too. I looked at the apples earlier and was treading on tiny frogs, they were hopping everywhere! 🙂

      12, September 2013 at 6:25 pm

      • Well I read somewhere that you can freeze any type of fruit. So I am about to find out. 🙂 I think because I am planning on throwing it in my blender (kindly donated by my parents) to make smoothies with the texture does not matter so much. Not sure what else you could put it with. I do have a load of frozen black berries though. I have some apples from the tree, but not sure if they are cooking or eating. Do you think frozen eating apples would be okay in smoothies? (I know they are fine frozen once chopped up, but not sure whether they will be bad in smoothies..)

        12, September 2013 at 6:36 pm

      • Hi Laura,

        I think you frozen smoothies should be OK. Apples from the tree need a little time to ripen. People often think eating apples are cooking apples straight from the tree. The acids change to sugar if you leave them a while. They ripen faster with a banana in the fruit bowl too. A few from my tree are ripening and smell delicious already! Watch out for tuny gubs going in the blackberries. They make delicious red wine, but it takes loads of them. You can mix blackberry juice with apple juice to make a rose though. 🙂 The main problem with apple is it oxidises and goes brown if you’re not careful. It doesn’t go brown so fast if it’s ripe.

        Good luck with it. Let us know how you get on.

        12, September 2013 at 8:42 pm

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