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How to make your own luck

It’s Friday the 13th and a lot of people believe today is unlucky. They will go through the day nervous and expecting the worse. Even minor irritations like the bus or train being late will be examples of how unlucky today is. They won’t bother buying a Euromillions ticket, because today is unlucky.

The people who believe that today is unlucky will reduce the amount of risk that they take and so they won’t be lucky. They won’t win anything because they won’t buy a ticket! People who believe they are lucky and have a positive attitude are lucky, they are the ones who take a risk and get the promotion at work. They are the ones who buy a lottery ticket half expecting to win! Their glass is half full, not half empty.

The more you try to achieve success, the more likely you are to be successful. You have to become involved, in order to be lucky. That doesn’t mean spending all day in a bookies or buying lots of scratch cards. You have to be sensible. You can be over confident. Driving too confidently and too fast might bring you lots of bad luck. So there has to be a balance. Many people today will be nervous about the ‘curse’ of Friday the 13th. People make mistakes when they are worried and anxious; it’s not really bad luck, but it can seem like bad luck. So you have to keep calm, take each day as it comes, regardless of the date.

Think about what you want. Want to be a millionaire? Why? To show off to your friends? If you had a million, all you would do is sit and look at it all day. If you spent just one pound, you wouldn’t be a millionaire anymore. Would you? Calmly look at your life. Do you want others to like and respect you? Money won’t buy that, but you could try to be a more likeable person. The sort of person people look up to and respect.

What have you tried to achieve recently. Things that are worthwhile, usually take a little work. You could try your hand at interior design and make a living space that people will stop to comment on and be impressed with. You could do something similar with your garden, if you have one. Have you ever dressed to impress? That can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Can you make people notice you by dressing differently, without spending a fortune? I think that is called ‘street style’. It doesn’t have to to be outrageous. You don’t have to wear shocking pink jeans. It can be quite subtle. People are programmed from birth to recognise patterns and differences. Look at some of the designer labels and logos, they aren’t that big; but people notice them. Be subtle, but effective.

Have you seen that movie, where the guy is locked up for something he didn’t do and escapes by chipping his way through his cell wall with a rock hammer? That’s a good idea, he chipped away and chipped away, until he broke through the other side. All the time hiding his handy work by covering the hole with a pin up poster. You could do something in secret, keep chipping away at it until you’re ready to reveal it to the world! That would impress your family and friends!

Solving problems can be a task best achieved by chipping away at them. If you are trying to build something worthwhile, you might have to do it one brick at a time. Perhaps not even knowing the shape of your finished achievement.

What do you think? Could you make your life better by just changing your attitude to luck? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates.

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