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East Park

There are events all over the UK today as part of heritage open days. Churches and museums will be opening to the public and historic houses that aren’t usually open. The weather doesn’t seem great, but I might see how it goes and find somewhere local to go. The Oak House at West Bromwich is a good choice.

There is a canal festival at Netherton (Dudley) this weekend and one at Tipton next weekend. Walsall Police Station has an open day from 11am to 3pm tomorrow too. I thought about that one, I would like to photograph the police cars and the helicopter. Take the kids to that and they can get a glimpse of a cell before they become teenagers!

How to make you own luck was one of yesterday’s posts. I think that was appropriate for Friday the 13th. I’ve bought a lottery ticket for tonight’s draw!

Economics in Business was a post by Fairy Dharawat over on a zillion Ideas. That has useful ideas if you’re thinking of starting your own business or run a small business.

Bargains to save even more money was this week’s thrifty post. With prices constantly increasing faster than incomes we have to shop around for bargains and be thrifty and frugal. The good news is that petrol prices might drop a little this weekend.  I’ll fill up and try to make it last!

I had a day off on Wednesday!

Photography | Different cameras was Tuesday’s art and photography post. I think that shows you can get quite good landscape photos with a cheap camera. For some portraits and perhaps wedding photos, I think a better DSLR is preferable.

Neodigital Art and photography was my post on a Zillion Ideas. I compared Tudor buildings with modern buildings. I like both, but I question the concept of spending huge sums of money showing off. If we learned nothing else from the tragedy of 9/11; we should at least learn that.

I had the day off on Monday too!

Working class. Who me? was my Sunday post. I think there are a few people left that would describe themselves as working class in the UK, but they are a minority now. I’m in  a class of my own!

I didn’t write so many posts this week. It was a strange week for me though. I made money on the stock market on Monday and Tuesday and then lost it all again on Wednesday and Thursday. I do  like the excitement of the rollercoaster ride. This month is still going well, it’s a shame I didn’t make the 10% that Monday and Tuesday looked like giving me. The privatisation of the Royal Mail will be coming soon, so I have to decide whether to buy into that. I think with an almost monopoly position, it should remain in government ownership. I’m against the privatisation of any monopolies. Water should be taken back into public ownership and private finance shouldn’t be used in the NHS. I’m not against people investing for the future and I think the stock market should be open to all. If people had more investments, they wouldn’t need state support so much when they were unemployed, sick or old. Investing is far too complicated with ISA’s, brokers and traders. There are too many people in the City of London on big bonuses manipulating the system for their own ends.

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