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This image is a little boring, but by adding some text I’ve made it more interesting and it conveys a message. The image itself conveys a message and just using an image is often enough, but words can identify the place the picture was taken. If the image is being used to promote something, this is useful.


You can just add words to add something to the image or say something about it. It’s a good idea to experiment with different fonts and effects. I used a shadow on this one.

Urban forest

Subtle messages can work well.  This image gets across the message that there is a urban forest in the Black Country and it’s not as urban as you might imagine. Used in conjunction with the other images, it gives the impression that the Black Country could be quite green!

Gate House

You can also tell people where the picture was taken and advertise the place. The image could be of a business and form an advertisement for that business or promote a park like this one in Wolverhampton.


The words can be anywhere on the picture and they can simply describe the subject of the image. I took this photo, out of the window when it was raining!

I used PhotoScape to edit these images and add the text. You can also alter the opacity of the text and make it quite faint, which is useful when you want to add a ‘watermark’ for a copyright notice. I added my copyright notices with Live writer.

When you have finished your promotional image, you can insert it in a blog post, upload it to Facebook or use it on Pinterest. The words can cover the entire image, so the image is just in the background. This is useful for advertising a business where you want the viewer to read the words, but also see an image of the location. The location could be a picture of a shop or even the town centre where the business is located. This technique can also be used B2B on LinkedIn and added to your profile.

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