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Its only money

The Public Arts

It’s only money

The building in the picture is The Public; it’s an art centre in West Bromwich that cost over 70 million pounds. That’s over 100 million dollars for the benefit of my American readers. It costs 30,000 pounds a week to run it. That seems a lot to me, but in the great scheme of things I suppose it’s not that much… It’s only money…


Yesterday, the government sold off some of it’s shareholding in Lloyds Banking Group raising 3.2 billion pounds. I suppose when you are dealing in thousands of millions of pounds, then 70 million for a pink box seems quite cheap. The shares were sold for 75p each, so over 4 billion were sold. I have to get my head around these big numbers. That is 4,000,000,000 shares at 75p. Right? They are 76.11 pence at the time of writing, so if they had waited a day they would have got an extra 44 million. It’s not enough to build a build a pink box at the end of the High Street though is it? Mind you, you could fill up a few food banks with that kind of money.

It’s only money…

The winner takes it all

We live in a society where rank is very important. The winner really does take it all. There are no prizes for second place on Britain’s Got Talent. In society there are multiple winners, but in each sphere of life there is only one winner and they are adored by their supporters. I suppose it’s the same in all cultures around the world. Sucking up to the rich and famous is universal.

Unidentified Objects

I noticed those things on the pavement in my photograph. I wonder if they are meant to be futuristic park benches? That place is a restricted traffic zone or something. They put the 30 sign there to confuse people. I actually think it’s taxis and buses only. They were stopping drivers in one of those the other day and handing out 50 quid fines. I wonder if I am the only person who gets confused by all those signs and weird street furniture?

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