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Politicians: Are you impressed?


I’ve been thinking about art this week. What do you think of my picture today? Impressed?  The political parties started their conferences this week and tried to come up with a few policies. Did they impress you? Me neither…

Tax the rich!

There was talk of higher taxes for the wealthy in society. Do you believe the Lib Dems? They would have suggested something before now, if they were serious. Labour is talking about a ‘mansion tax’. Why not have council tax as 0.5% of the value of the property? That would sort it, wouldn’t it? There is a slight problem with that. MP’s would have to pay more… Clobber the poor or clobber the rich, but not people in the same income bracket as MP’s.


Ed Miliband says he will scrap the ‘bedroom tax’, but has previously said there will be a cap on benefits. The Tories think he will expand the welfare state, but who takes any notice of the Tories. A cap on social housing rents and a expansion of social housing would be a good thing. That would bring housing benefit under control. They could also phase out tax credits, it is simply a subsidy on low paid jobs. They would need to increase the minimum wage though. Labour wants to do something about the cost of living too. How about scrapping VAT on gas and electricity? That would help…


I don’t have all the answers. I’m not sure how the government could help farmers, but I think Britain should become more self sufficient for food. I’ve been eating apples from the tree in my garden this week and I have to ask why apples in the supermarket taste like cardboard?  Why can’t we have cheap apples that actually taste like apples and maybe other fruit like peaches? We need cheaper fruit and veg, people can’t afford their 5 a day. I hate to state the bleeding obvious, but let’s face it; politicians aren’t too hot when it comes to applying a bit of common sense.

Stamp duty

Stamp duty applies to property transactions and 0.5% is charged on share dealings. Why can’t that be extended? Why not 0.5% on personal loans and credit card transactions too. In fact, why not all financial transactions? The interest rate on many credit cards is over 10%, so an extra 0.5% would be hardly noticeable.  I think 0.5% added to a Wonga loan would be nothing on top of the usual 5,000%.

Supply and Demand

According to some economic theories, prices are determined supply and demand. According to some Tories, poor people can ‘price themselves out of a job’ by demanding better pay. How about chief executives? Could we train and educate more people to become executives. We wouldn’t have to pay them so much then. That woman running the National Lottery makes a million a year. Could we pay less if we had a surplus of executive talent. We could definitely train and educate politicians better…

If you make available lots of money for something, then that is creating demand and the price goes up. Even advertising and publicity can create demand. Council tax gave councils more money and created a demand for civic centres and iconic buildings. The price goes up and who pays for their extravagance? Yes, you do…

In Conclusion…

The Tory Bullingdon boys are looking after their own; the rich. The Lib Dems are saying it could have been worse if they hadn’t fought against Tory nastiness ‘tooth and nail’. They still support them though and didn’t oppose the ‘bedroom tax’. Ed Miliband, now getting  desperate, says he will scrap the ‘bedroom tax’. It took him long enough to come up with that idea. That was bleeding inspired… He will however cut welfare elsewhere. I hope it’s by freezing social housing rents and council tax, so their respective benefits will reduce. I hope it’s by getting rid of tax credit and introducing a living wage. Inflationary? Yes, but doesn’t that inflate away those nasty debts?

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3 responses

  1. I don’t believe the Lib Dems. Any party which would sell out over 100 years of belief for 5 years of fame. As every party, only in it for themselves.

    24, September 2013 at 12:02 am

    • Hi Nick,

      I don’t trust any of them. I think perhaps university education in this country does something to them or is it the private school? I help students with their studies, but my students seem to have a lot more common sense and know the value of money. Maybe it’s just certain universities that promote greed in their students. I noticed that people will be at the Walsall campus of the University of Wolverhampton in October, ‘sleeping rough’ and raising money for the homeless.Perhaps the Bullingdon club could have a go at that instead of wrecking restaurants around Oxford…

      24, September 2013 at 8:41 am

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