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A Picture

I took this photo on Sunday. I don’t usually add a frame to my pictures, but I did quite a lot of editing on this on. I even put those corner decorations on it. I parked my car a little awkwardly to take this picture because I wanted to rest the camera on the car door. 

I took a few shots and got back in the car and then the sun came out! I edited it with PhotoScape and changed the colours too. We’ve had a lot of rain and the grass and trees are very green, so I used colourize to change the green and make it paler. I added yellow to do that; it also changed the colour of the road surface. One important change in this picture was to highlight those trees that form an arch over the road in the distance. I used the ‘bloom’ option in PhotoScape to do that. Just click that icon and move the cursor to the part of the picture you want to highlight and adjust the size of the part you want to bloom and ‘feather’ it.

the Delves

This is without the colorize option and I zoomed in for this picture. This was after the sun came out too. There is less depth to this picture though.

Delves Road

This shot was in the opposite direction before the sun came out. It shows the importance of choosing your shot, having the right light and getting the editing right. I should have cropped this one, there’s a bit of the car at the bottom!

Delves scene

This was before the sun came out more and it’s darker and the road is a different shade to my first picture.

Darlo bridge

I used the colorize option on this picture to make it very light and a little more artistic.

The first photos were taken in the Delves, Walsall (England) and the last one was Victoria Park in Darlaston.

What do you think of this week’s pictures? Please share your thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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