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Photography | White balance

Moorcroft Wood

If you’re not sure what settings to use on your camera, one of the automatic ones is best. I’m getting used to the Nikon 3200 now and so hope for better results with aperture priority. With a shot like this though, I had to decide on white balance. There is one for bright sunlight and one for shade. I decided on the sunlight one because the sun was quite bright shining through the trees.

Moorcroft Wood

Moorcroft Wood has a pool in the middle and I had even more light for this shot.

Moorcroft Pool

I still have dark shadow in the foreground, but it contrasts nicely with the pool. I like the way the trees silhouette against the sky.

Moorcroft 2

Now it’s Autumn, the weather changes constantly and the sun is low in the sky, for much of the time. I had the sun behind me and low in the sky for this shot.

Moorcroft Wood gate

This shot was into the sun, but I got it behind the trees shining through the leaves. There’s lots of light and shade, but I left the camera on the white balance setting for bright sunshine. Some parts of the image seem too dark, but it’s a trade off and I was trying to get contrast.

The Metro

This was even later in the afternoon and I had the same problems. There is lots of light and shade, but I think it makes the picture interesting. I also had the problem that the subject was moving. Fortunately, it had just stopped at a station and was still moving fairly slowly. I took this from a bridge.

Playing fields and canal

I had lots of light for this shot and so few problems with the settings. The blue sky and sun behind me made for a fairly easy, if uninteresting shot. The aperture was as narrow as I could get it for depth of field with such bright sunshine.

You can double click these pictures for a larger view of them. You can also comment and say which you like best or follow me on Twitter for updates.


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