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The games people play

The Midland Metro

It seems to me that politicians on both sides of the Atlantic are playing silly games this week. The US government has partially shut-down because Republicans don’t seem to like decent healthcare for the poorer citizens. In Britain, the right wing attack on poorer citizens continues at the Tory Party conference.  They haven’t mentioned HS2 yet though. Have they?

HS2 and the Midland Metro

It seems most Tories and even Labour MP’s are in favour of HS2. Why? I remember the Midland Metro (pictured) plans. They talked about it for years and went on about how good it would be. Now it’s running from Birmingham to Wolverhampton, via a few out of the way stations. Far fewer people use it than was predicted. I had two International students coming to visit me from Wolverhampton. I told them to use the Metro, I didn’t know it was a rip off and cost nearly double taking the bus. It was convenient though, there were no crowds at the station and so they were easy to spot. In fact it was deserted and quite lonely when they got off the tram. Fortunately, they didn’t need to ask the way. I told them I would be carrying my camera so they could spot me. It wasn’t needed though, I spotted them coming out of the station and waved from the car. They might have been harder to spot if they hadn’t been Chinese… Anyway, those trams are made in Italy. Where will the HS2 trains be made and will the fares be a rip off?

A bit thick?

I know now why George Osborne thinks Iain Duncan Smith is a bit thick. Well there are the obvious reasons, but he also has a habit of exaggerating his educational achievements too. As far as George is concerned, he didn’t go to Oxford or Cambridge, so he’s a low life anyway.

Council Tax or Mansion Tax

In a recent post I suggested a fair council tax would be better than introducing a mansion tax. It will never happen! The cheaper properties on council estates are worth at most 150K and so a 0.5% council tax on that would mean them paying 750 pounds a year. It’s still a lot, but not as much as on George Osborne’s two million quid home in Notting Hill. There is no way he will pay 10,000 a year on that. It might be fair; but when did they care about being fair? David Cameron would get a 14,000 pound council tax bill on his little mansion. No, not 10 Downing Street, the other one. No, not the one in his constituency, that’s only worth a piddling million. He would have to pay another 5,000 for that. Do they claim council tax on expenses? They probably do. I think they claim for food to feed next door’s cat, on expenses…

Cost of living

The cost of living is a subject being talked about at party conferences. Not how much it costs to maintain your million pound mansion or even how much it costs your wife’s families trust fund to maintain your million pound mansion. No, we are talking basic items like bread and milk. I did a BBC questionnaire on the subject. I failed! I’m a coeliac and so don’t eat bread. I was quite shocked to see it was over a quid on average, for a loaf. I don’t use milk either, but I did know the one about the vegetables and the price of an MOT on the car…  Food has gone really expensive. So too have all the essentials. Thank God IPhones are cheaper or the government might have to do something about it. I think some of them are worried about the price of a coffee in Starbucks though…


The fad for tattoos seems to be growing. Women are having more and more visible tattoos. They used to have them in discrete places that only their husbands, boyfriends and the local tattooist were allowed to cast their eyes on. This could be a new test at the Jobcentre. If they can afford a tattoo they don’t need extra money from the state. Right? I think tattooists should give discounts for young girls whose parents are members of the Conservative Party. Imagine the scene, when they got home with a tattoo up their leg and a ring through their lip. Daddy would have a heart attack…

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