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Black Country creativity


I went to Bilston Craft Gallery on Thursday and it was much better than I thought it would be. My photographs didn’t turn out as well as I hoped, but I did get some decent ones. It’s a nice Victorian building with interesting gardens. Some of the exhibits are crafts, but most I would describe as works of art.

Exceptional art

I don’t often describe works of art as exceptional. In fact this is the first time, but I did see some exceptional pieces upstairs in the gallery. I shall devote a post to those this week because I was really impressed. The exhibits were made from parts of a piano or pianos. I think wood is a great material anyway, but the way the parts had been put together to make patterns,  made for an unusual, but symmetrical image. It is an example of creativity at it’s best. The works are for sale at reasonable prices too. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the name of the artist. I don’t know where the artist is from either. The Black Country I hope. We need more Black Country creativity. 

This week

Yesterday’s post was Investments | Royal Mail. I’m not really sure whether Royal Mail should be privatised or not.  It’s not an essential service like water or the health service is it? I decided to buy some shares, the return will probably be better than the pathetic interest offered by banks. We have to invest for the future both individually and as a country.

Thrifty ideas to make you richer was my usual Thursday thrifty post. Well you save a couple of quid here and a couple there and eventually you have enough to buy some shares in Royal Mail…

The games people play was a little midweek political comment. What should the country invest in? New homes or a high speed rail link to London. If the government tried to sell shares in HS2, I wouldn’t buy them. They won’t privatise that pet project though.

Photography | White balance was one of my Tuesday posts. I think photography is going to be even more challenging now winter has arrived. I did shoot some video yesterday though and so it could get more interesting. I am going to look at updating my video software for editing high definition video and stills too.

Neodigital Art | Editing for Art was another post on Tuesday and featured some interesting images. I did some night photography and shot video at night yesterday. It wasn’t a complete success, but I did get one or two interesting shots and you don’t improve without experimenting.

Psychology | Visions of reality was my post on Monday. It is hard to know what to believe these days.

Mind you p’s and q’s was one of my posts on Sunday. Do you use popular clichés a lot, such as ‘at the end of the day’?  I like clichés, but not popular ones.

Bleeding genius was Sunday’s post. I think the British use of the words ‘bloody’ and ‘bleeding’ as expletives might confuse people in other lands. I think the origin is in religion. It’s too early in the morning for me to research religion, but you can read about the ‘blood of Christ’ which I think is where the common use of bloody and bleeding comes from.

That wasn’t bad, I managed to write 8 articles, plus one for a new arts magazine and this one of course. I still need guest writers, who want to gain a little experience for a Zillion Ideas. So if you have an idea and can write between 500 and 1,000 words about it. Have a go and attach it to an email and send it to the email address in the side bar. I will edit your article and give advice on how you can improve your writing. You gain experience that might come in useful next time you have a dissertation or a CV to write and I get a new perspective for my website. I also need a bit of help publicising that website, so pop over there and if you like the articles and photos; click like or share to tell your friends about it on Facebook.

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