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Looking for October bargains

The Aldi Super-Six this week are new potatoes (750g), swede, carrots (1Kg), leeks (500g), mild onions (4) and parsnips (600g). They are 59p. That offer starts today 10 October and lasts until the 24th October.

I noticed that Hovis bread is just a pound at Tesco this week. Is that cheap? I have no idea, I never eat bread, but I am a shareholder in the company that makes Hovis, so I thought I would mention that!

Meanwhile back at Aldi we have today’s special buys. There is a variety this week, including a 8 Gb memory card that would fit my camera.  There are lots of other offers, including shoes for runners too.

The Sunday special buys include lots of things to keep you warm this winter like a heated throw,  duvets and  gilets. You need to think about keeping warm now as energy companies think about price rises. The first price rise was announced this morning. Wearing a woolly jumper and turning the heating down one degree can save you money. Set your heating on a timer to go off a little earlier in the evening and have more early nights to save even more. I watch TV in bed and wind down slowly. I save money, keep warm and sleep better. I also breathe cooler air when I am asleep and so breathe better and wake fresher.

I have lots of bills at this time of year. Last month was car and home insurance, this month was car tax and I had a eye test that means a bill for new lenses in my glasses. I’ve saved money in the past and shopped around, so it’s not a problem. I am well in front with my energy account, in fact way too far in front. I could pay nothing all winter and still be in credit. My car is taxed and insured for a year and next month it will go for servicing and an MOT. That is important, it can cost more if it breaks down and it’s also inconvenient. I did have a new battery this year, but I haven’t spent very much on it in the 9 years I’ve had it. It doesn’t have all the latest gadgets, not even a CD player. The tax and insurance is expensive and it uses more fuel than a more modern car, but the depreciation has been very low because it has lasted so long. I think it’s probably safer than some newer cars too.

There will be a lot of goods in the shops for Halloween soon, aimed at party goers and the children. Think about making your own spooky items and make them reusable next year. Black capes and masks made out of cheap fabric picked up on markets should be reusable. It’s fun to make things from paper and cardboard with the children too, rather than buying them ready made. Think about making spooky lanterns using LEDs that can be reused. They did have camping lanterns in Aldi not long ago, that would be good for Halloween. Avoid anything that isn’t reusable. They will have fireworks in Aldi next week, but in these times of austerity aren’t they a waste of money?

Have you spotted any bargains this week? Do you have any frugal Halloween ideas? Please use the comments box to share them. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates.


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  1. I feel quite bad because I spotted the 2.5kg bags of potatoes for 12p in tesco (reduced) and picked one up. But unfortunately no-one here can go get that same deal again. Darn it. I can however make a suggestion of using the leeks as pasta sheets in a lasagne for those looking for leeky ideas, and to save the stalk. Put it in a bowl of water than then voila watch as a new leek forms. 🙂

    10, October 2013 at 1:03 pm

    • Never feel guilty because you found a bargain. I think Tesco do reduce prices when they want to move some fresh produce. Overall though their prices are quite high. That’s a good tip about growing leeks. I haven’t tried leeks for years. I did like them, but they didn’t like me much. I have a problem with onions. I wish I could buy just one to try them sometimes rather than a whole kilo.

      I went to Poundland this week, they have some Christmas stuff in! They didn’t have their usual stock of stationary though. No paper plates either, I need some of those for Christmas. I’m not doing lots of washing up!

      10, October 2013 at 1:12 pm

      • Ha. Try the picnic area and get plastic plates I know they need washing up but in my house clumsy hands means crockery does not always last as long as one might hope. :S I found out during living with some interesting people that if you leave onions in a fridge for months on end they will be fine. (I discovered in May onions with a sell by date of October as we came to move out perfectly fine). So if the worst comes to the worst you can leave them in the fridge and palm them off when people come to visit. Imagine, what a lovely housewarming gift. I’m not too fond of leeks myself, but leek and stilton soup is very yummy and putting it in the place of pasta one cannot even taste them. So win-win.

        10, October 2013 at 1:35 pm

      • I’ve never thought of keeping onions in the fridge. I’ll have to try it. I did buy some partitioned polystyrene plates, I think I have some left. I bought plastic chip baskets in Aldi too, that will be useful At Christmas paper plates get thrown in the rubbish with all the other stuff like crackers and so it makes it easy when everyone goes home. I hope they have some in before Christmas.

        Thinking about Christmas in October. How depressing… 😦

        10, October 2013 at 4:10 pm

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