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Free places to go

Walsall Art gallery

Free places to go in the Black Country

Last Sunday I managed to go to a park to take some photos, then on to Walsall Art gallery and even managed a visit to Sandwell Valley Country park in West Bromwich. There are lots of free places to go and photograph.

Looking for October bargains was my ever popular thrifty post on Thursday. I must do some shopping tomorrow!

Climate change forcing economic change? was over on a Zillion Ideas . That was popular on Twitter getting re-tweeted a lot. Nice to know a few people care about what is happening to our world.

Neodigital Art | Inspired by galleries was my Tuesday art blog, inspired by my visits to Bilston Craft gallery and Walsall Art gallery.

Neodigital Art | Before and after was over on a Zillion Ideas on Tuesday. That post had some nice images and showed a few before and after pictures to show how the editing was done.

Psychology | Fantasy worlds was my usual psychology post on Monday. We all live in a fantasy world sometimes.  Politicians seem to be in one, most of the time…  There will be a new writer doing a psychology post this Monday over on a Zillion Ideas.

Art and pattern recognition was my Sunday ramble. It wasn’t just about art. On a Sunday, I write about whatever is on my mind!

Sunday politics was my post over on a Zillion Ideas on Sunday. Some sensible ideas for Ed Miliband to read there. I wonder what the average journey to work is now. People used to go to work on bikes or even walk, most people drive now and people drive miles to take their kids to schools. Everything is centralised with average wages in London about £10,000 more than in other parts of the UK. No wonder property is so expensive there.

Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow with another Sunday ramble. My glasses are in the opticians and my second pair are distance only. So I have posted fewer articles this week. I should be back to normal in a few days. At least the photos will be better when I can see properly!

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