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Remember when the British invaded America?


I watched a few programmes on TV last night about the British rock bands that invaded America in the 1960’s and since. The onslaught was led by the Beatles and then the ‘ugly’ band; the Rolling Stones. That was a great export and Sweden took on the world with Abba too. America used Hollywood to take on the world with movies. Now the Chinese have taken on the world with consumer goods, maybe we need a new cultural revolution in both Britain and America.

The Beatles at the Beeb

The Beatles at the Beeb

That was a blast from the past. Yes, I was one of those long haired teenage rebels in the 60’s. No, I didn’t come from Liverpool.

How to budget with personal accounts was yesterday’s blog post. Now I’m older and wiser and can actually afford to buy music, there are no decent bands!

Trying to make sense of the economics was my post over on a Zillion Ideas. It would make sense if the ‘establishment’ helped young people, instead of putting them down. I saw some guy from the X Factor on a music video too last night.  He looked like he had just been released from prison…

Thrifty bargain hunting on the web was my usual Thrifty Thursday post. We have to shop around and save money for those little luxuries. I’m thinking of catching up with the rest of the world and getting a smart phone!

OMG! The Bullingdon Boys are in Beijing was Wednesday’s post. I really like writing humour and that was the best post of the week. Imagine if we had some bands now like the Beatles and the Stones, that we could send to Beijing. They would go wild for some decent music.

Art can we define it? was one of my Tuesday posts. I’ve just realised that the picture I used in that post, is the one I have decided to have printed as a large canvas.   I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Art and photography was the subject over on a Zillion Ideas on Tuesday too. That post had more photos, but they weren’t quite so artistic.

Self Improvement: Ways towards your goals was the psychology post on a zillion ideas by Ramya Raju a freelance writer who is new to the site. I hope Ramya will be writing more posts on a variety of subjects as will Fairy Dharawat. They are both freelance writers in India. I hope to get some more contributors from the UK and other countries too in the near future. One of the aims of the site is to give writers freedom to write the way they want too, without too many editorial restraints. The Beatles took the world by storm, I want writers who want to take the world by storm!

Psychology | taking risks was my psychology post on Monday. We’re all risk takers, but we have to know when to be brave and when to be cautious.

How to become a writer and photographer was my Sunday post over on a Zillion  Ideas. If you want to try writing an article or even a short story, have a go and send it in. I also welcome photographs that I can use in the photography and art posts, or combine both to write a art or photography post

Hacks betrayed was my Sunday ramble last week. I shall probably moan about energy prices going up tomorrow. Why are petrol prices dropping, but gas and electricity prices going up? It was a big mistake closing coal fired power stations and building gas fired ones. We should have ignored fashion and cleaned up the coal fired power stations.

This is the eleventh post I’ve published this week. I did do well! I would like to write regular articles for a newspaper or magazine. Maybe an American magazine that wants something different from the usual bland and boring. That’s what the Beatles gave America in the 60’s, irreverent humour and thinking and good music. I can do the humour and thinking; I can’t do the music.

What do you think? Please share you thoughts in the comments box. My email address is in the side bar, you are welcome to email about anything. Contributions are welcome, so are offers and enquiries about the photography and art. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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