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Barclaycard: Could do better

I have finally ordered myself a new mobile phone, complete with car charger. I might be able to get a signal now. I will be able to update Facebook, tweet and maybe even Skype too. I used my Barclaycard, because I get the legal protection on a purchase over £100.


Amazon has split the order into parts and so maybe my legal protection won’t cover everything. I have also just noticed they got the price of the phone wrong on the order and I’m being overcharged by £7.70. This is why I hate spending money. You have to be so careful or these people will rob you  blind.


I had a phone call last night. I was finishing my cleaning, so the answer phone took it. It was about some security check, but they didn’t say who it was and hung up. Then I got the call again, must be a scam, I thought. Getting the call for the third time this morning I called 1471  and got the number:

0845 351 2259

Yes, it was Barclaycard

I think they could at least say who it is. It’s there fraud prevention department or something and they take you through an automated process to verify that you actually used your card. I like the fact they take security seriously, but my card was suspended while the check was going on. I would have called their number sooner if I had known who it was. Could do better Barclaycard! Their security department can also be contacted on:

0800 318 665

Spending money

Regular readers know that spending money is a traumatic experience for me. That order ended up at over £250 because I added stuff  at the checkout. That was why I didn’t notice the extra 7.70 on the price of the phone. This was on top of my spending 69.99 in Curry’s on Tuesday. I know, but I thought I would get all the pain over in one week! That was why I was vacuuming my bedroom when Barclaycard first called.


I will write a review on my new vacuum cleaner in due course. I have to test it first, but so far it’s doing well. I have to see how easy it is to empty because it’s a bag-less Vax cleaner. You can adjust the  suction and it managed to pick up my doormat; that’s powerful suction… I’ll probably review my new phone too!

Scottish Power

I nearly forgot, the latest energy company to increase their prices is Scottish Power. They claim they’re making a loss. They are probably sending money back to their parent company in Spain, paying too much for gas in the wholesale market and giving themselves big bonuses. They don’t want a ‘windfall’ tax on profits. Why not? They wouldn’t pay it if they’re making a loss. Would they? They will just pass it on to us anyway…

Please share your thoughts on credit cards, phones, cleaners or anything else you like in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter. I’ll be Tweeting by smart phone soon!


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