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Halloween bargain hunting

The Aldi super-six this week are closed cup mushrooms (350g), fun-size apples (7), mixed peppers (3), satumas (600g), kiwi fruit (6) and large vine tomatoes (450g). They are all 69p each and the offer lasts to the 6th of November.

Special Buys

The Aldi special special buys today include an acoustic guitar for 34.99. There are hand puppets too for 2.99.  That was my favourite toy when I was a kid. We made a theatre out of a large cardboard box and put on puppet shows. This was before computers. It was before radio and television…

Christmas is coming and so the Sunday special buys have gone a little posh. Four whole quails for 4.99! I think Aldi should stick to the basics, the shop isn’t big enough for posh stuff like quails. They probably got them cheap. I hope they have the prawn rings in for Christmas again…


If the kids are moaning for Halloween stuff, you can make your own. Cut bats out of cardboard and paint them black; then use them as Frisbees! They have some cheap Halloween kid’s stuff in Poundland too. If you have a digital camera, try taking some scary photos. It’s amazing what you can do with an old white sheet, if you have imaginative kids. They didn’t have any gel pens or rollerball pens last time I went in Poundland, but they were beginning to have the Christmas stuff. I want some Christmas decorations; they even have fairy lights.


They have some new items in at Matalan. It might be worth investing in a throw or a new duvet with energy bills going up so much. It seems wholesale prices have gone up a little so the companies are using it as an excuse to rob us blind again. Maybe energy should be zero rated for VAT again?


My new smart phone arrived from Amazon, it’s driving me nuts. It whistles for no apparent reason. I ordered a canvas print of one of my pictures too, that hasn’t arrived yet; but I did email the file to the company. I’ll review that before Christmas, if it turns out as well as I hope. I have a car charger for my new phone which might come in handy and a mains charger for my sat nav now.


I’m having a Plus TV box fitted from TalkTalk. My package will be cheaper than before, but will only have inclusive evening and weekend calls. I don’t watch much TV and don’t use the phone much, so I’ll see how that works out. I paid my line rental 12 months in advance to save a fiver a month…


I bought a £10, ‘goody bag’ from GiffGaff for my new mobile phone. I have 500 free minutes, unlimited texts and a gig of internet. I don’t need all that so I’ll switch to the £5 one next month. I connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and so the mobile data is turned off most of the time. I don’t need 500 minutes of calls either. I have more important things to do! If you click my link to GiffGaff they give you £5 in free credit when you join. I didn’t get that…  C’est la vie…

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