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Adding to my bucket list

The River Tame in Sandwell Valley

One of the things on my bucket list (things I want to do before I kick it) is to have a picture in an art exhibition. It could be a summer exhibition and so I’m thinking about what kind of picture might be suitable. I think local art galleries should be encouraging me. Don’t you? What do you think of today’s picture?

I need to add some more things to my bucket list. We all need goals in life. Right? I would also like to get at least one article published in a glossy magazine and maybe get some satire published in print too. I want to do some voluntary work locally too. Anyone got any suggestions?  

Halloween bargain hunting was my post on Thursday. With energy bills rising this winter I need to save even more money. I just cut another few pounds from my phone bill, evening and weekend calls only now; unless it’s an emergency. I only made 2 calls in October so I’ll survive.

Halloween photography and art was on Tuesday. I shot some spooky pictures for that post.

Photography: Spooky Halloween was even more spookiness over on a zillion ideas.

Psychology: Dunning – Kruger effect was my psychology post over on a Zillion Ideas on Monday.

Science and tech: The way forward was my post on a zillion ideas on Sunday. We seem to get more and more dependant on technology. What could be next? Robots?

Sunday thoughts in Autumn was my Sunday ramble before I went out in the storm, or was it a hurricane? It nearly blew my hat off anyway…

One of my many ideas when I started a Zillion Ideas, was to give people a chance to have their views published. I do have two writers writing occasional posts, but would like more. I also need more photographs. The search engines don’t appear to like the site very much and so I also need people to become involved and share on Facebook and click ‘like’. It is an opportunity to learn about writing and have your work edited. I need to do some work on the site, to improve the way it works and I made a start on that this week, hence fewer posts…

That’s it for today. Please share your thoughts in the comments box and you can also follow me on Twitter.


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