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Fags, faggots and Facebook

Teddy Grays

My local readers will recognise the shop in today’s picture. Teddy Grays is famous in the Black Country. They sell a delicious selection of sweets. When an International student visited me last Christmas, I gave her mice made of sugar from Teddy Grays, Cadbury’s miniatures and a few other delights that we used to find in our Christmas stockings as children. We’re never too old for Teddy Grays…

Fags and Faggots

We also have a traditional dish in the Black Country called faggots and peas, pronounced Faggits and pays. The word faggot was misunderstood on Facebook this week. Facebook didn’t have a good week, last night a Facebook app was spreading news of the death of Celine Dion. As far as I know, she’s still with us…

For the benefit of Facebook, we also call cigarettes, fags and even small boys starting in High school used to be be called fags. The first year students were fags to the older boys submitting to their every whim. I’m sure George Osborne and David Cameron were fags at some time. Eton is bound to have first year fags, to do the bidding of the older boys. They don’t have communal showers in boy’s schools for nothing…

This week

Preparing for financial disaster was my post yesterday over on a Zillion Ideas. Would you be prepared if you lost your job or had some sudden and unexpected expense?

Thrifty Thursday: Supermarket bargains was Thursday’s thrifty post. Incidentally, my car sailed through the MOT test again. I might have to have a new tyre before next year, but that’s all. I’ve been driving it without any problems for 9 years and it was 7 years old when I bought it. That shows buying a car with a good history that has been looked after and is low mileage does actually pay.  Unless your need a late model to impress the neighbours and the local burglar…

PAYD: Pay as you drive was Wednesday’s post over on a Zillion Ideas. How would you feel if you were charged every time you parked you car in town or drove on the motorway. Pay as you drive has been talked about many times, but technology could soon make it a reality.

Another midweek moan was here on WordPress. I moaned about bad writing and email problems. I shall probably moan  about the weather tomorrow, it has gone much colder.

Fun with photos was my Tuesday post over on a Zillion Ideas  That was a good article on editing your photos with lots of different PhotoScape  effects. PhotoScape is a free download too. I am getting used to my new Android phone so I’ll do a post about editing smart phone photos soon.

Neodigital Art: Creative editing was even more artistic here on WordPress. I used PhotoScape for those pictures too. That post was similar to the post on a Zillion Ideas, but perhaps more artistic.

Psychology: Little Albert was my usual Monday psyche  post over on a Zillion Ideas. Little Albert was a child that was subjected to an experiment into psychological conditioning. We are all conditioned to be afraid or not to be afraid as the case may be. It is interesting to think about what we have been conditioned to believe. Cute little figures on television can even condition people into borrowing money at an obscene interest rate of over 5,000%. It’s amazing what people will believe if it’s repetitively shouted from the pulpit or the television .

In search of recognition was my Sunday post on a Zillion Ideas. We all need some recognition rather than be taken for granted. A simple thank you can make all the difference sometimes.

Sunday musings was my post here on WordPress on Sunday. I shall have another moan about the week’s new tomorrow. I’ll try to insert a little humour into tomorrow’s post.

That was 10 posts including this one, that was a reasonable effort. I have been getting used to my new phone that I put a GiffGaff sim into. If you click that link to GiffGaff they will send you a sim  and  give you £5 of extra credit on top of what you buy. Try a £10 good bag when you start and then if it’s too much, drop to a £5 goody bag next month. I think I’ll do that. I’m using Wi-Fi for data most of the time and I won’t use the 500 free minutes.

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