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Photography and art: Autumn sun

Tipton Canal

The dark cloudy days mean higher temperatures and lower heating bills, but it’s not good light for photography. We had some sunshine on Sunday and so I was out in the wilds making the most of it. I photographed the canal and the sun kept going behind a black cloud. I was about to move on when I saw it shining through the bridge and moved closer for this shot. Perhaps, my best one of the day…

For the benefit of local readers, that’s near Furnace Parade in Tipton. The trains were running past, behind those trees.

Sunny West Brom

This was sunny West Bromwich, High Street. I had lots of problems with the shadows, but it made a change to have the white balance on the camera set for sunny. I also had a higher ISO setting than usual. This was with a narrow aperture, but it was still fast enough to avoid blurring the passing vehicles.

a registry office

This is West Bromwich registry office where people get married. I wouldn’t fancy doing wedding photography with all those trees casting shadows.

Around back

I took this shot of the registry Office around the back and did an artistic edit on it. I gave it a gradient frame in PhotoScape and blurred the background.

A the Public Inside

This is inside the iconic Public arts gallery in West Bromwich. It cost over 70 millions and as you can see it was packed…They did have summer exhibitions though, which was a good idea.

a tree in wednesbury

Back in Wednesbury, I took this photo and added a gradient frame and some text when I edited it. I think it looks quite artistic.

What do you think of today’s pictures? There are more pictures today on a Zillion Ideas.  I looked more at the art in that feature, which I think should be inclusive and for the people.You can share your thoughts in the comments box or follow me on Twitter for updates.


5 responses

  1. Hi Mike, We had snow flurries today so it’s great to see pictures of autumn here!

    I love the path by the river and the bridge. The path takes me into the picture.

    That building on the corner of the High Street in West Bromwich is gorgeous!

    I really like that gradient frame. I wonder if there would ever be a picture that wouldn’t be good with that frame.

    Shame about the shadows on the registry office. I imagine there are brides who wish for a cloudy day!

    The public arts gallery is very colourful, like a disco! Most art galleries have so much white but this one looks like it is the art.

    This week a lot of my pins of your images from your blogs were repinned on Pinterest. I hope that brought you a bit of traffic. Off to pin these pics!

    13, November 2013 at 1:45 am

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I think the Public is a little too pink, it’s too distracting. I nearly missed that they sold beer in the Pink Cafe! I think the gradient frame is very useful. It works well on portraits too.

      There are some more pictures from that outing on a Zillion Ideas too. I’m trying to improve SEO on there and get more traffic. I have been running an SEO app but although there appears to be nothing wrong, I seem to need more keywords and back links. I don’t want to ruin my writing style by pandering to Google bots though.

      It’s sunny again today, I might take a few more photos!

      13, November 2013 at 9:58 am

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