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Thrifty Thursday: Christmas countdown 40 days

The Aldi super-six this week are Royal Gaia apples (6/7/or 8), sweet pointed peppers (2), persimmon (4), large flat mushrooms (250g), cocktail vine tomatoes (250g) and conference pears (6 or 7). They are all 89p each. As you may have guessed from today’s title there are just 40 days now to Christmas.


If you buy things for Christmas early and shop around it does ease the pain a little and cut the cost. I’m not sure whether Aldi’s special buys today will help, but they have lots of things for decorating. Are you re-decorating for Christmas? Me neither…

Fairy Lights

The Sunday special buys are far more interesting and include fairy lights for Christmas. I have some lights. I need decorations. Are they still made out of crepe paper? It’s been a while since I bothered. Where can I get a few cheap decorations? Please comment and tell me! There is also a camera tripod on offer for 12.99, that’s a great present for a budding photographer. I already have one, but that one looks good, it has spirit levels. I might have one of the torches on a key ring. I can never find the door lock if I get home in the dark. 


I’ve just found room decorations in Poundland. I hope they are reusable. I hung a picture in my living room for Christmas yesterday. It came in a special box and so after Christmas it will go back in it’s box for another year. It was an expensive gift from overseas so I don’t want to spoil it.


I don’t usually mention Tesco, but they have a few special offers. Check out the Christmas food like minced pies. A lot of people are concerned about where their food comes from these days and you will be pleased to know that the Mr Kipling mince pies are on special offer, 2 packs for £2.00. That’s nearly half price. What’s more, they are made from flour from healthy British wheat. The eggs used are free range from chickens that are allowed to run around naturally. I’m telling you this because I am really into chicken welfare, it has nothing to do with my investment in the company that makes Mr Kipling mince pies. While you’re in Tesco, get some Bachelor’s Cup-A-Soups, the winter is only a month away. You need to keep some of those in for the cold mornings. They are 2 for the price of one and by a strange coincidence they’re made by the same company as the mince pies. Their share price is doing well today…


The tee shirt that I bought at Matalan in the summer is now half price. I might buy a few for next summer. I really need a new coat though and I’ve spotted one that might be suitable.  Buying clothes out of season can save you pounds.


There are lots of chocolates in Asda, 3 for £10. They’ll be in the aisle near the weight watchers promo… If I had two friends I could share these offers with, I might shop in Asda…

If you’re looking for something special for Christmas, let me know. Use the comments box to share the bargains and ask about offers. You can also use price comparison sites to find bargains. Price runner is a good one. Take a look at mutualpoints for getting cash back in the form of points 1500 points is equal to £10. They sent me a cheque, I must put that in the bank. I had £100 from them once, which is more than I got as a shareholder…

You can also follow me on Twitter. Don’t forget, there are 40 days and 40 nights to Christmas…


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