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Weekend conclusion

a view of nature

We have lots of Autumn colours to appreciate now, but do we have time to appreciate them? I saw one of my neighbours children going to school really early one morning and found that some are leaving for school at 7 in the morning. Why? They have to go to the best school. No, not a private school like David Cameron. They’re not aspiring to be rich toffs are they?


I think it takes a privileged upbringing, private education and an inheritance to do really well. Aspirations are all very well, but social mobility is a myth perpetuated by capitalists. The pope has spoken out against the worship of money many times. I don’t see the Catholic church getting smaller or the Vatican opening it’s doors to the poor and homeless though. Am I cynical to want actions and proof of intent?

This week’s posts

Is utilitarianism the answer was yesterday’s post. Maybe we could cut back all the extravagance, the frills and the celebrations.  No more Jubilees or Olympics? Where would it all end though if we concentrated on the essentials and got rid of the more frivolous things we enjoy? No sport? No television? No Music? No art? No parks? No banquets? Life would be quite depressing, but we have to remember that some people are so poor that they can’t afford many of these things anyway. They are the ones paying in advance for their electricity and going to food banks to survive. They are the ones caught in the traps set by pay day loan companies. We all need a few frills in our lives, we all need a social life, even poor people. We have to share though. David Cameron believes in social mobility for the people like himself; the greedy. In the back streets of the Black Country we notice what’s going on, we see the Autumn leaves and we see our neighbour’s children going to school in the dark. We care…

Thrifty Thursday: Christmas countdown 40 days was Thursday’s thrifty post. Christmas was simpler when I was a kid, but more magical. We had sweets, tangerines and odd things in a stocking. The house was decorated simply and the Christmas tree was a bit pathetic.  No banquets or balls at Christmas, but we didn’t have Downton Abbey on TV either.  We didn’t have a TV, so nothing to envy…

Midweek thoughts on English society and culture was on Wednesday. Some things have improved, but I don’t think the kids enjoy the long journey to school on cold dark mornings. Should all schools be brought up to standard or should parents compete for the ‘best school’? I got caught in the school run traffic jam again yesterday and so I tend to think all the travelling is a bit stupid.

Photography and Art: Autumn sun was my post on Tuesday and less serious, but at least shows that I do notice what is happening with nature and can enjoy it. I also went in the Public in West Bromwich last Sunday. It didn’t change my mind about it being an expensive waste of money. I do sympathise with the staff that will lose their jobs when it closes though.

Neodigital Art: For the people was another post over on a Zillion Ideas. I know art is supposed to be for the posh people like Cameron and Osborne, but I think it should be for all of us. Am I getting ideas above my station? Isn’t that what Cameron wants? For us all to aspire to be better than we are. Should we stop speaking with Black Country accents and using the dialect to become middle class drones?

Invasions of privacy was my Sunday ramble. As usual I shared all my thought before I cooked lunch and headed out into the wilds to take photos. I hope to do the same tomorrow.

What will I write about tomorrow? Population control in China as they promise to allow some people to have more children?

Many bloggers read my posts for inspiration. My best advice is to be brave and write what you want to. You can also read my Sunday posts because they’re usually funnier or at least more sarcastic and facetious. If you like photography then the Tuesday posts might be more to your liking. Whatever you like, you can follow my blog by putting your email address in the box in the sidebar.  You can also comment or follow me on Twitter for updates.

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