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Photography: Using colorize

Tipton Canal colorized

The weather tends to be dark and dismal now and so I did some edits on Sunday because I couldn’t have my usual day out.  How does this edit compare to the original. The original was a nice photo and more colourful, but this is artistic and I think the frame and the text adds something.

This is the original taken in quite bright sunlight but with lots of shadows causing problems.

I think they are both good! I think the first one being more artistic would be suitable for a a greetings card or an exhibition. Colours are important for creating mood and can give the picture a hint of a period in time. I watched a little of Downton Abbey on TV last week, just to watch the camera work. Many shots had the bright modern colour removed and the shot was given a green tint, a little like my artistic edit. Watch carefully and the tint changes for different locations. Warmer tints were used outside the house.

3 - WEST BROM registry office edit blueish

In this edit I’ve used a cooler bluish tint. This looks good where there is a lot of white in the image. It can work well for a wedding photo for example.

I joked that I was abducted by an alien space craft last week, but this is actually the inside of the very pink Public art centre. It closed down this week and they will be throwing more money at it to turn it into a 6th form college for Birmingham and the Black Country. Can you spot the exhibits? No, I’m not sure either. I think on the ground floor it could have stayed an art gallery, if they could have got rid of all that pink.

WEST BROM - no pink public 

It’s still weird if you get rid of all the pink, but it’s a slight improvement. Maybe some white walls and a few pictures up would make it better? Anyway, try using colorized in PhotoScape to add mood to your photos.

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5 responses

  1. Hi Mike, I do like that white frame. It adds a lot to the photos, almost a dream like quality.

    The top photo is appealing but I also like the unedited colourful version of the photo.

    I still can’t get over that pink art exhibit, but perhaps that was the point?

    I never thought about using a bluer tint until you suggested it. I believe you first mentioned that when editing pictures with snow. I tried that and it worked beautifully.

    Thanks for more great lessons, Mike!

    20, November 2013 at 8:18 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I had computer problems today. I had to restore it from an externals drive. I lost a lot of recent photos including the ones of the Public. It’s a shame because it’s closed down now. My computer is a lot fast now the hard drive has been reformatted though. I think the problem was a corrupt windows file. I do wish windows could be re-installed without a format. I had to re-install my antivirus and remember a lot of passwords. I lost a excel file tracking my stock market portfolio too, that was disappointing.

      I’ll be showing how to do a picture so it can be printed on a canvas as an art work soon. I had my first one delivered today. I really like it. It’s 30 X 20 inches and only cost just over 20 pounds. I ordered it through Amazon. I took some photos of it today. I had it done as a Christmas present for my sister. I used a picture of the hand cart at the farm and gave it a gradient border. Actually 2 borders, so one could be wrapped around the frame.

      I have to do some new Christmas pictures now. I’m glad I uploaded one to Pinterest! I might edit some of last years snow pics!

      20, November 2013 at 11:03 pm

      • Hi Mike, Yes, you should definitely take advantage of the free 1 TB of space on Flickr to back up your photos. Also check my Pinterest account because I pin a lot of your photos from here.

        It’s very sad that you lost some of your photos!

        21, November 2013 at 3:05 am

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    That might be a good idea. I have some on Skydrive, some backed up on an external drive and some on another partition on my hard drive. I had a small text file on my desk top and I’ll miss that later, it has notes on HTML and odd notes I needed to remember! As disaster go, it’s not too bad. At least my laptop is running much faster. I have some photos saved in my media folder here. I don’t have some in large format, but I don’t think anyone will want another one printed for a while. C’est la vie…

    21, November 2013 at 8:50 am

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