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Christmas is coming


Christmas is coming and it’s getting colder in the UK. The energy companies are increasing the prices of gas and electricity as usual. If the people running these companies or the regulators had any morality at all they would at least increase prices in the spring or summer. Like the government they are immoral.

Are we getting too soft in Britain? Too used to central heating in winter? Too used to take away food? I think some people do have it too easy, but others struggle to survive.

Finance Friday: Christmas on a budget was my frugal post over on a Zillion Ideas yesterday. With just 31 days to go now, you might like to read that and get some ideas about budgeting for Christmas. We all have to set priorities, most of us can’t afford everything that we would like. The advertisers are telling us to have turkey,  champagne and luxury mince pies, but many people will be lucky to cook a small chicken for Christmas lunch.

Thrifty Thursday: Christmas Countdown 33 days was Thursday’s thrifty post. I popped in Lidl yesterday, they had a few bargains. The chicken and pork seemed reasonable, but my freezer is already full. They had a good selection of fruit and veg too. I looked through all the Christmas stuff, there are lots of Christmas lights, but I didn’t find room decorations.

Neodigital Art: Editing for Art was my art post over on a Zillion Ideas, with some nice artistic editing. There is a photo of my cameras, taken with my phone; which shows you can use any camera or even a smart phone.

Photography: Using colorize was more editing tips here on WordPress. I’ve noticed that we associate different colours with different periods in history. The Victorian era is associated with sepia, but the Edwardian period seems to need a slightly different tint to the pictures. Why not experiment and see what you can do?

How to make friends and influence people was Monday’s psychology post. That could be useful over Christmas…

Helping your neighbours was my Sunday ramble.  That was an interesting post and I think we should think about our neighbours in our community and our neighbours in the world. Life would be so much easier and fairer if everyone was less selfish. In the UK, we have the most selfish and avarice driven government in decades, so we can expect a commercialised, all glitter and no compassion Christmas. Try to think about those less fortunate though, whether they be victims of disaster or neighbours who can’t afford to keep their homes warm this winter. 

If you would like to try writing a blog post, you can email me. I will consider posts on most subjects for a Zillion Ideas. Subjects so far include psychology, photography, art, writing, thrifty bargain hunting, finance and business. Try to be brave in your writing and express yourself, keep the readers in mind and give them something new.

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