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Photography and Art: colours

Autumn 2

I lost a few of my pictures when my computer crashed, so I don’t have so many new pictures to choose from this week. The weather hasn’t been very good, but I have managed to take a few autumn photos. I have used the gradient border to make some photos look more artistic. Here I’ve used it to obscure some houses on the right of the picture, you can use that gradient on either side.

Pleck Park

It was getting dark when I took this photo, but it’s not too bad. You can see the autumn colours in the park. It would have been better with a little more light.


I managed to capture more autumn colours with this shot on Sunday. I have VR (vibration reduction) on my camera, but apart from camera shake because of bad position, winds and other factors, I now have to try to stop shivering with the cold.  You can get clearer crisper pictures with a tripod, but even they blow around with the wind.

Cottage edit

I did this edit of the lock-keeper’s cottage with PhotoScape and used the gradient border again. I also used the colorize option to give it a vintage look. I need a photo for a calendar. If it goes sunny one day I might set my camera for a large photo, set the ISO and white balance and go back and photograph this again. I might even use the tripod to get a clearer picture. On aperture priority, I’ll go for a narrow aperture for depth of field and to try to get as much of the image in focus as possible.

Light edit 2

I didn’t take this shot. I can’t get the models! I did the edit and it’s one of a number of images I used in a art video I’ve been experimenting with. By blending pictures and music I’m trying to create something different. I wanted it to have an Edwardian feel to it and so gave all the images in my slide show a greenish tint. The tint can be sepia to give it a Victorian feel or a little green for Edwardian or even go for grey scale for a darker industrial feel.

I hope today, I have shown you the difference between, photography and digital art. You have to be more creative in the editing to create art. Another tip when editing is to have a good light when you’re editing. I find I can see the colours on a computer screen better in incandescent light.

What do you think? Do you like the realism of the photography or the creativity of the art? Have a go yourself, but you need quite a high resolution for large printouts and printed canvases. I just had a canvas printed 30 inches by 20 inches. I will tell you how to set those up in a future post. The calendar pictures need 300dpi (dots per inch) too and a larger format.

You can have your say in the comments box or follow me on Twitter. You can also read more over on a Zillion Ideas. Neodigital Art: Colour has even more edits.


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