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Thrifty Thursday: Christmas Countdown 26 days

The super-six at Aldi today are tomatoes (6), broccoli, swede, chantenay carrots (500g), onions (1kg) and lemons (3). They are all 49p. Those offers continue until the 11th of December. They have lamb and pork chops on offer this week too.

Thursday Specials

The Thursday special buys this week includes a 24 inch TV/DVD for 129.99 and lots of small toys. The Trimmer Gift Set for 9.99 might save you a few pounds in the new year.

Sunday Specials

The Sunday special buys include candles and tea lights. I read instructions this week about how to make a room heater with some tea lights and a biscuit tin. We are getting desperate! I’ll stick to more sensible ideas and wear a body warmer. A few layers will help you keep warm and allow you to turn the thermostat down one degree. That should knock a couple of quid a week off you energy bills.

Wednesday Specials

They are doing special buys on Wednesday’s now. This week’s were mostly Christmas inspired and they will probably still be in stock. Next Wednesday’s specials are mostly in the dairy cabinet and include cheese and ham. I have to buy cheese for Christmas. I never know what kind to buy. I think one of the selection packs might be better. While you’re in the part where they sell the ham watch out for the ham trimmings, they’re cheap and taste nice. You’re going to cut the ham up anyway! That ham is OK for those of you still on the salads and trying to lose a few pounds to make room for the Christmas turkey.


I went to Poundland yesterday.  I got some Christmas decorations. They also have the roller ball and gel pens in stock now and I even got the paper plates for Christmas. I bought a little box full of what looks like a string of gold beads. It must be over 20 feet long. I might go back for another one, it’s ideal for room decoration or decorating a tree. I bought a notebook that is divided into sections, they are great for projects. Students writing a dissertation can make make notes on each section or you could use one to plan your finances, using a different section for each sphere of your financial affairs.

They have Mr Kipling mince pies in Poundland too. The ones in Aldi have been rated really good too.

I just looked at some tangerines (or something) on the Asda website. They work out to 20p each and they say 2 is one portion of fruit and kids need 5 portions a day. That’s £2 a day for each child, £14 a week; £56 a month. Do you think Britain’s kids are getting enough fruit and vegetables? Me neither… Maybe this is why people are going to Lidl and Aldi that do try to cut the price of fruit and veg?

It can be difficult comparing prices from different supermarkets, but as one of my friends keeps telling me how good Sainsbury’s is. I did a price comparison on a twin pack of unsmoked back bacon.  Sainsbury’s pack was 2 X 225g for £4.00 compared to Aldi’s 2 X 300g packs for £2.75. Someone will probably tell me the Sainsbury pig is free range and organic now… On a positive note the Mr Kipling mince pies are a pound, so they have matched the Poundland price… I don’t eat them, but I am a shareholder in the company that makes them; so I just love them…

That’s all for this week. I am sorry I am publishing late today, but I had to wait for some special offers and today I had to wait 2 hours for Microsoft to finish updating my computer. Why it can’t do it when I’m not using it is beyond me.

Have you seen a Christmas bargain, please share your festive news in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter. I must tweet more. I have it on my phone now, so when I think of a funny line I should tweet it…


5 responses

  1. I realise that it is not quite what you meant and your example was purely illustrative, but eating however many oranges a day does not equate to ones five-a-day. It has to be from different sources, as each has a different set of vitamins and whatnot inside it. You tried your local market? I got a bag of apples the other day from there working out about 10p an apple, I think 80p and I got eight. They had pears on a similar deal. 🙂

    30, November 2013 at 11:39 am

    • Hi.

      Yes, different fruits and vegetables contain different vitamins, fibre and minerals. Even at 10p for a portion or fruit or veg, it still works out to 50p a day or £15 a month. Kids aren’t getting enough fruit and veg. I think extra vitamins are important now just before the winter starts too. Is this why nature gives us apples to store through the winter?

      30, November 2013 at 1:42 pm

      • Ah, yes you forgot to take into account the free fruit and veg. Totes got a couple of big bags of frozen berries that I picked off the trees for free earlier in the year when they were abundant. 🙂

        1, December 2013 at 9:13 am

      • Yes, I have 2 apple trees in my garden and lots of blackberries, it’s a shame they don’t last all year around. I think more people should try growing fruit, I used to give it away. The dwarf trees are great because spraying and pruning are the big problems.

        1, December 2013 at 1:25 pm

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