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Hypothermia in Wednesbury


Officially the winter hasn’t even started yet, we’re still in Autumn; but the sub zero temperatures are here. I went to the switching on of the Christmas lights in Wednesbury yesterday. It was cold. The temperature was 0 C and the wind chill factor made it feel like –10. I’ll probably use the photos of that tomorrow.

I’m still thawing out. By the time the lights were switched on I couldn’t take a photo; I had lost the use of my fingers… The switch on was supposed to be 6pm, by 6:20 the natives were getting restless. I had hypothermia…

Buying the image was my post yesterday on a Zillion Ideas. Will you be trying  to keep up with the Joneses this Christmas?

Thrifty Thursday: Christmas Countdown 26 days – was Thursday’s thrifty post with more money saving ideas. I bought a ‘goody bag’ on GiffGaff yesterday so I would have internet access last night and then it was too slow! You can use your mobile phone on GiffGaff to call landlines and 0800 numbers are free. That’s handy. I spent a couple of quid last month calling landline numbers from my landline. I’ll use my mobile from now on.

Are you patriotic? was a post on a Zillion Ideas from freelance writer Fairy Dharawat. That’s worth reading because it has some useful insights into patriotism. I’ve never liked patriotism, it can descend too easily into the more ugly Nationalism.

Neodigital Art: Colour was also over on a Zillion Ideas. There were some nice images in that post.

Photography and Art: Colours was another photography and digital art post here on WordPress.

Don’t worry: Be happy was my usual psychology post over on a Zillion Ideas on Monday. Are we ever happy? It seems to be a fleeting emotion for most of us, but I’m sure with a little thought that we could all be happier.

From writing to voodoo was my Sunday ramble through my thoughts last week and some topical subjects too. I’ll be writing another Sunday post tomorrow.

WordPress seems to be having problems this week and has been offline a lot. It doesn’t seem to go off for long, so keep trying if you can’t get it. You can always check out A Zillion Ideas while you’re waiting.

I don’t think I’ll ever feel warm again after freezing last night. I went to my school reunion and we discussed the state of education amongst other things. Boris Johnson had something to say this week about intelligence. I think some people aren’t so intelligent as they can achieve great academic success, but they still have their value. We all tend to be good at something. Life is so much easier if you are an only child and your parents are wealthy. Children from larger families do learn to share more though. People who have experienced hunger know what poverty feels like and are qualified to comment on it. The people who are qualified to talk about the NHS are people who have been sick and know what it’s like, not the bureaucrats who have a day off at the first sign of a sniffle.

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Only 24 days to Christmas… 202 days to summer 2014…

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