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Thrifty Thursday: Christmas Countdown 20 days

Xmas calendar

The super-six at Aldi today are tomatoes (6), broccoli, swede, chantenay carrots (500g), onions (1kg) and lemons (3). They are all 49p. Those offers continue until the 11th of December. Those are the same as last week. I went to Aldi yesterday and I bought some of those persimmons. I’ve never tried them before. I like them! They’re packed with vitamins, especially vitamin A; it’s good for the skin.

The Thursday special buys are mostly clothing for skiers. There are whole British ducks too at 7.49 each. I still haven’t decided whether to buy a turkey or not… The small turkeys in the freezers are 9.99.

The Sunday Special Buys include a turkey a turkey pan, a turkey tray and some turkey roasting bags. They also have the turkey foil for 99p. The trend this Christmas is to buy really useful presents and I noticed a 32 Gb micro SD memory card in with the special buys for 16.99. Most people these days have smart phones and so that might be handy. There is also a 7 inch tablet computer for 79.99.

In my local Aldi, they had some of last week’s special buys reduced and some Christmas goods like mince pies are now in stock. I bought a frozen prawn ring for Christmas and some Camembert cheese.

I have been trying to put up Christmas decorations. Since last week, I’ve managed to  buy a Christmas tree. That looks quite good with the lights on.

I think Poundland is still worth checking out for inexpensive presents. Making up a Christmas goody bag can be a good idea, with pens and stationary for kids or budding writers.

The old standbys were socks and hankies for men. It’s going to be cold after Christmas and so thermal socks might make a useful present. The trend this Christmas is towards really useful presents. Gift vouchers can be a bad idea if they are for a small store because you can lose the money if the store goes out of business. They can be a good idea for someone who uses the same supermarket every week. A supermarket gift voucher will allow them to treat themselves to something they don’t usually buy. If you pop it in a card before Christmas, then they can buy a special something in time for Christmas.

If you’re short of decorations this Christmas, remember that holly can be cut from a few places. You might get ivy too, I have a lot growing in my garden and on the house. Holly and ivy are traditional and so will look much better than cheap glitter.

Really useful

A lot of ‘Christmas bargains’ that I’ve seen advertised are items that the retailers are having problems selling and they they’ve reduced the price. Out of date smart phones and other dated tech seems popular. Clothes that are going out of fashion and things that have a high profit margin on are also popular. ‘Amazing offers’, aren’t always good value. Ask yourself why it’s so cheap if it looks a bargain. Use your sensitive sense of touch to feel the quality of fabrics and even plastics have a feel that can signify quality or they can be thin and brittle.  Don’t get conned by the fancy name either, it might signify quality, but it might be to con you into thinking it’s quality. Advertisers are experts in manipulating our perceptions. Try not to follow the latest trends, unless it’s the one that the more thrifty are following this Christmas which is to buy practical and really useful presents this Christmas.

Have you seen a really useful bargain this week. Please share your find, with a comment below. You can also tweet your bargains and follow me on Twitter.


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