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Wednesbury at Christmas

1 Wednesbury at Christmas

I found out this morning that some of my photos are on the website of the local newspaper.  I was asked if I was from the Express and Star when I was taking them. Newspapers are fighting for survival and have to adjust to the new era of digital communication. Advertising is changing too with Google dominating.

I think we need more British companies leading the way. Auto trader advertises cars very successfully, so it can be done. It does take some imagination and new buy and sell groups are now springing up on Facebook to supply the demand. I remember when The Express and Star did free adverts. I wonder if they still do?

Thrifty Thursday: Christmas Countdown 20 days was my thrifty blog this week. Only 18 days left to Christmas now. Doesn’t time fly?

Writing and photography was my Wednesday post. We are all getting involved in the democratic publishing process now.  We have people power!

Christmas Photography and Editing on Tuesday featured my photos from the Christmas lights switch-on.

It must be time for a picture:

1 Wednesbury

There are a few charity shops in Wednesbury, but we have a Christmas tree too!

Neodigital Christmas Creations was my post on A Zillion Ideas on Tuesday. Those images are more creative…

No, I’m not from the Express and Star was my Sunday post and it’s ironic that some of my pictures are now on the Express and Star website.

I didn’t write so much this week, because of computer problems. My email didn’t download all week, so I had to wade through over 300 of them on Friday. I’ll be writing another Sunday ramble tomorrow with more Wednesbury photos.

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