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Grandiose schemes

1 The Metro

I photographed the Midland Metro yesterday, that was a grandiose scheme meant to bring wealth to Birmingham and the Black Country. They want to extend it to Merry Hill, another grandiose scheme that started with a tax free enterprise zone. They always want grandiose and iconic schemes.

More with less?

The Prime Minister wants us all to do ‘more with less’. If you want to mow your lawn you can use scissors or you can go high tech and use a lawn mower. We need more technology and we need the infrastructure. I suspect the Prime Minister means we do more with fewer people. He is getting less mixed up with fewer, common mistake…

Con Dem

The Liberal Democrats claim they have given us all super-fast broadband. Mine has been too bloody slow all week and my email didn’t download. I spent two hours waiting for Microsoft to finish a update. I have a new router, it’s cheaper than the old one. We do need better communications and we need goods made to last and we need sustainability. I saw a TV with a 5 year warranty, it was 3D and smart, it had everything. It did cost £35,000 though. Do we really need 3D television? Do we all want to sit around looking stupid in 3D glasses? The good thing was the 5 year warranty. If they can make that TV to last 5 years why can’t all consumer goods be made to last 5 years (at least) and have a 5 year warranty by law. Anyway, my broadband is even slower now. I suppose if I pay double, I can have it faster?

Rip offs

I know goods have to be advertised, but we are now bombarded with adverts and the goods don’t always match the advertising. We are a very polite society, we don’t like to complain. The move now to more on-line trading means we need the Trades Descriptions Act to be strengthened and enforced. We need to stop the multinationals selling us crap. People are paying hundreds of pounds for smart phones that only last a year or two. I think cars are great, they are lasting longer, much better than the rust buckets we used to drive. The problem is the damn roads. We now have speed humps and crazy councils that encourage parents to drive their kids to school and then surround the schools with speed humps causing traffic jams twice a day. They are laying on bloody coaches and buses now…

Time for a photo:

1 Market Place

OK, look carefully at the picture. See the lamp post in the centre of the picture? Now right a bit, to the next lamp post… See the half moon light on the side of the lamp post? That’s a Christmas Light! I can remember when all these shops would have collectively got together to have all the shops with Christmas lights. We are doing ‘more with less now’ though. Or less with fewer, as we say in the Black Country…

I remember the market being here, it went on until after dark. The lights in those days were hurricane lamps and we got to have a warm by a brazier. That’s a fire in a oil drum…

Anyway, we have Poundland, charity shops, Brighthouse, betting shops and shops that sell booze to ease the pain of living here. Where is all the wealth that the Metro was supposed to bring? Where is the super fast broadband? Where is our college in Wednesbury?


Does anyone really believe that HS2 is really going to create wealth? It’s just a means to transport the slaves into that Ponzi scheme they call London. I noticed that George Osborne this week put capital gains tax on the profits that the super-rich from overseas make on London property deals. They say you need a thief to catch a thief…

That’s all for today. The sun is shining in Wednesbury. I might take a few photos today… You can subscribe to this blog, comment or follow me on Twitter even…

Question: Anyone know how much wealth HS1  created?

3 responses

  1. I’ve never watched a 3D movie or show. Don’t intend to. It’d remind me too much of living with evil ex wife if I had to duck flying objects.

    9, December 2013 at 11:33 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      I remember the stupid 3D glasses from the 60’s. I think it’s just a gimmick. I saw a TV that was over 6ft wide. Watch it in bed? Put a mattress on it and it would be a bed! Some people have more money than sense. On TV last night they asked a guy how much he would pay for a tee shirt, a fiver until he saw the label then he upped the price to 35 quid. What an idiot. He needs a tee shirt with Tosser printed on it. That’s the only label he really needs.

      10, December 2013 at 12:39 pm

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