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Neodigital Art and photography

canal stamp

We want the Black Country to be represented in a 2015 Waterways calendar and so I’ve taken some canal pictures. The light wasn’t good when I took this one and despite the editing and fancy frame. I don’t think it’s interesting enough for a calendar. The tree silhouette against the sky is artistic though.

Loxdale bridge moxley

This is more artistic, but I think I can do more with a shot taken in better light with a lower ISO setting.

2 The Mistral

These are quite good shots but for a calendar I would like to go back and take better shots. Low light tends to produce noise, but fewer shadows. In winter the sun is also lower in the sky.

1 railway under road

I like this shot. It shows the abandoned railway under the new road. The canal is a little farther on and the river is there too but running through a culvert. The road is elevated and I think the light rail system will be extended to use the path of the old railway and go through here.

1 metro in station

This is the Metro, a modern light rail system. This shot is quite good and it was quite late at night. It’s better than a shot taken earlier the next day when there was a sunset. The plan is to run a new line from this station that follows the old tracks to extend the system to other towns. This is a better idea than building new roads, but we need cheaper fares, it’s quite expensive. 

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5 responses

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  2. I respectfully disagree with you, Mike. The first photo is my favorite. I love how you captured the light coming across the sky from behind the cloud. The colours are pleasing and I also appreciate the geometry of the photo with the tree having three main trunks, the perpendicular lines of the pathway and the rounded rim of the wall that curves.

    I think it’s calendar worthy!

    14, December 2013 at 2:45 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      You see what I was trying to do! I had to crop a lot of that picture and so it’s too small for the calendar. Too much light was on the right side of the picture. I quite like the stone wall as well as the tree silhouette against the sky. I think I can get access to that canal a little farther down and that might make for a better picture, if I’m not shooting towards the sun. I have about 6 weeks to upload some more photos. I have entered the one of a lock keepers cottage.

      Thanks for the comment and for pinning it. 🙂

      14, December 2013 at 5:39 pm

      • Lol, Mike, like a true artist you see your image and think how you can make it better. I see your image and see art.

        15, December 2013 at 2:10 pm

      • Thanks Carolyn,

        I hope the art gallery sees it that way one day! I am getting some new ideas for a shot for that calendar. I just need more light! I know I’ll freeze if I actually get it though! I can’t win this weather. I might get one of frozen water in January, that could be interesting with this camera. The images are improving all the time.

        15, December 2013 at 4:51 pm

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