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The weekend review

1 The George

I read a really good article yesterday about how to take night pictures. They say you should consider the exposure triangle to set your camera for this type of picture. That is set the ISO, aperture and speed. While I was doing all that and setting up a tripod, I would probably get mugged for the camera.

I think most people are decent and honest, but you never know. I feel less safe in the town centre than I do in some of the lonely spots. The loneliness of woodland can be a bit scary though. They do say crime has gone down, but I suspect they fiddle the figures.

From past to future was my post yesterday on a Zillion Ideas. Can we learn from the past and make better plans for the future?

Thrifty Thursday: Christmas Countdown 13 days was Thursday’s thrifty post. We have to bargain hunt even more with Christmas so close. Only 11 days to go now. I have all my pressies nearly. I always buy some salad at Christmas, lettuce and tomatoes. I always wonder when I should buy it and whether it will last through Christmas. One year, the lettuce  not only lasted through Christmas, it was still good in February!

Perceptions and aspirations was Wednesday’s post. We all have aspirations, but whether you achieve anything in life can be more to do with an accident of birth or luck than hard work. Life isn’t a level playing field, the odds can be stacked against you. The odds aren’t stacked against one, if one is born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth though…

Neodigital Art: Different Styles was my art and photography post over on a Zillion Ideas.  That post featured some nice images. I must start using my tripod and think more about the settings.

Neodigital Art and Photography was another post on Tuesday. All those images were taken in difficult light. Photography is about capturing light and so it is difficult. I think the one taken at night when there was little light is the best one. I plan on doing some indoor photography today and it’s not my usual thing, so we will have to see how they turn out. I am thinking about how to take the photos and what settings to use. The last time I took photos like that I had the white balance wrong and so that will be my main concern.

Psychology: Losing control was my Monday post over on a Zillion Ideas. We all like to feel we are in control and getting angry and losing control is frowned upon in polite society. Life can be frustrating though.

Grandiose Schemes was my Sunday ramble through whatever was on my mind. I did go out and take photos. The light wasn’t very good, but we found an old railway track and there was a sunset. Not that I’m very keen on sunsets unless they are a backdrop to something more interesting.

I shall be writing another Sunday ramble tomorrow. I hope to meet the local history group this evening and there could be interesting things happening tomorrow too and so who knows what I might write about. Unfortunately lots of rain is forecast and even a storm this week. I’m used to taking photographs in bad weather now!

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