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Wednesbury Historians Christmas Party

Merry Xmas sepia

Yes, it was the History of Wednesbury Christmas Party last night. I can’t remember how long the Facebook Community page has been running now. It does have over 3,000 ‘likes’ and is organised by Tia-Marie Byrne who just had her name added to the Wednesbury page on Wikipedia as ‘notable native/resident’. She does the research and the rest of us try to rely on our memories.

I took a few photos last night, but I have to transfer them to my computer and edit them. I might use those for a blog post before Christmas and they will probably go on Facebook. I think history is important, we can learn lessons from it to help us plan the future better. Even quite modern history like the closing down of the railways or the trend towards building high rise flats in the 60’s’ is important; we should learn from our collective mistakes.

They say the memory is one of the last thing to go; I forget what the other one was… We need to record things both in words and in pictures for future generations and try to preserve what was left to us by previous generations.

I went to see my doctor earlier this year. I kept forgetting to tell him that my memory isn’t too good. He said he would test it. That was in the spring, he still hasn’t done it. He probably forgot. I know all the questions now anyway, so it would be a waste of time. They ask you your date of birth and who the prime minister is; that sort of thing. Of course I know who the prime minister is. I can’t stand the woman…

Dementia is a serious problem. There was some fresh faced kid on television this week saying more should be done to diagnose the problem earlier. I’m not sure if that will do any good if they can’t fix it. They will just stop us driving so we don’t get lost. They’re not going to give us all free sat navs are they? Apparently the treatment for dementia is a good diet, exercise and vitamin pills. I’ll have to set my smart phone to remind me to take the pills, I have a terrible memory.

They say keeping the mind active prevents dementia and people who continued their education after they left school are less likely to be affected. It doesn’t come and go either, once you start going down hill, that’s it. My memory loss comes and goes. I think it’s because I try to remember so much, I’m bound  to forget something. Right?

I’ve just remember what this blog post is about. If you’re from Wednesbury, you can learn about the history of Wednesbury on the Facebook page or on the History of Wednesbury Blog. You’re also welcome to check out my page on Facebook to look at photos, most are set to ‘public’.

Anyway the Manor House is open down Hall Green Road this afternoon, it’s not Wednesbury, but still interesting. Teddy Gray’s is open on a Sunday afternoon too. It’s a bit cold for Teddy Gray ‘s ice cream, but a quarter of herbal tablets will warm you up on a cold morning. Herbal tablets are good for the memory too. I can remember my grand dad  clear as a bell when I suck a herbal tablet… He liked them too…

You can comment if you can remember who I am or follow me on Twitter even…

6 responses

  1. OMG Mike, what are you like?
    But thank you for your nice words.

    16, December 2013 at 2:29 am

    • Hi Tia,

      I hope this one made you smile. At least I’m writing a little humour again, even if the construction wasn’t too good. Maybe next time I can get better photos, Indoor photos in that light are difficult. If someone moves, it tends to be blurry. I think the photos were reasonably good though. I’ll set the camera on paparazzi mode next summer and take loads in the park!

      16, December 2013 at 10:29 am

  2. Ahhh … the dreaded memory thing. Me too.

    17, December 2013 at 6:27 am

    • Hi Nick,

      If the bad memory doesn’t stop me doing things, then the apathy does. I either forget or just can’t be bothered! I was going to write a blog post this afternoon. All afternoon I thought that I had forgotten something. I’ll have to do it tomorrow!

      17, December 2013 at 8:06 pm

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