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The weekend review

Bridge to Moorcroft

Today’s picture is of the canal bridge over to Moorcroft Wood. I am still looking for a suitable photo for the Waterways calendar competition. I might go back there tomorrow and take another shot of that bridge at a higher resolution.

Incidentally, my fellow bloggers might like to know that doing this weekly review of my blog posts was one of my better ideas! You do need to post regularly though.

Cheap Christmas Present Ideas was yesterday’s post on a Zillion Ideas. Many people will be in debt after Christmas, but if we are thrifty and frugal we can save a little money. There is no need to be Scrooge-like, but no need to  pile up debt either.

Thrifty Thursday: Christmas Countdown 6 days was Thursday’s thrifty post, helping you save even more money.

Photography: ISO, aperture and speed was my photography post this week. That was a day late. I had a busy week…

Neodigital Art: distorts was my art post over on a Zillion Ideas. Those pictures looked quite good, but with imagination you can perhaps do even better…

Psychology: Psychopaths with influence:  was my Monday psychology post. That is over on a Zillion Ideas.

Wednesbury Historians Christmas Party was my Sunday post after my night out on Saturday. I posted the photos on Facebook, they seem popular.

I had a busy week and so only wrote six posts. I must try harder! You can subscribe to this blog or to a Zillion Ideas using the box in the sidebar. You can also comment or follow me on Twitter.


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