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Merry Christmas Everybody

If you’re a regular reader then you might remember my short story for Christmas last year. I’ve been writing a sequel and it’s been a struggle. I think I have the ending now and so I hope I can finish it in time. I’ll be publishing last year’s story again too over the next week. You’ll be pleased to know that Ollie and Ivy are still together…

Those less fortunate

The roads and shops have been busy this week. I stopped chatting to someone in a supermarket that told me that a soup kitchen had opened near by. The scramble by the haves for luxury chocolates and the finer things compared in my mind to images of people sleeping under bridges and going to the soup kitchen for respite from the biting cold wind. I didn’t even fancy the walk from the supermarket to my car that was nearby. Try to think about those less fortunate this Christmas and perhaps waste a little less?


I read that applications for loans are likely to go up after Christmas as some people struggle. I can understand people wanting to celebrate, but wasting food and getting into debt should be avoided at all costs. It seems the government will be making further cuts after Christmas and so many more people will struggle in 2014. The worst thing people can do is to take out a pay-day loan, but many will do so to get through January after spending too much over Christmas and New Year. I must remember to pay my credit card bill this week, I think it’s up to about £23 now…


Fracking for shale gas has been in the news again. This involves fracturing shale deep underground with pressurised water and chemicals to release natural gas. The gas has an higher energy content and produces less carbon dioxide when burnt. I’m not entirely opposed to fracking, in the United States it has brought cheaper gas and made the country independent for energy. In other large countries they can be very selective about where fracking takes place to minimise the risks. Britain is a small island so it’s a bigger risk here. We can however allow some and develop the technology to sell to countries like Poland where it will be a major economic benefit. It may bring the price of gas down in Europe and loosen the grip Russia has on the gas market. In fact they have already begun to cut some prices. Will our gas bills go down when wholesale prices for gas go down? Don’t hold your breath…

2 shopping days to Christmas

There are still a couple of days left to do your shopping before Christmas. I have everything I need so I won’t be braving the crowds. I think I will buy a lottery ticket for the Christmas draw. I think this raffle is a good idea. It includes 500 prizes of £20,000 for raffle ticket winners. I also think it could be done better. They could have made it £20,000 for 4 numbers or something rather than a separate draw, but the 500 winners will be spreading some New Year cheer which will be great publicity for the National Lottery. The CEO of Camelot makes a million a year; she will be having a good Christmas. A million a year for running a raffle while some people sleep under bridges in Arctic weather and queue for soup 3 days a week. How many bowls of soup can you make with a large turkey?

Merry Christmas Everybody

It seems Slade’s Merry Christmas Everybody is making a comeback this Christmas. I should think so too! Slade was a Black Country band, of course. They will be having a Merry Christmas too. This is what the top Christmas songs are reported to have earned in royalties so far:

1. Slade – ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’ £512,000
2. Pogues – Fairytale Of New York’ £386,270
3. Mariah Carey – ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ £347,615
4. Wham! – ‘Last Christmas’ £301,622
5. Cliff Richard – ‘Mistletoe & Wine’ £98,408
6. Band Aid – ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ £78,030
7. Shakin’ Stevens – ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ £53,834
8. Pretenders – ‘2000 Miles’ £45,344
9. East 17 – ‘Stay Another Day’ £30,219
10. John Lewie – ‘Stop The Cavalry’ £13,258

Noddy could make another million before Christmas is over. I wonder how many of them will donate a few quid to their local soup kitchen…

I can see a bit of blue sky. I might be able to take a few photos today after all. I shall probably be out on Christmas Day, at least the roads might be quiet.

What do you think? Will you be having a Merry Christmas or will you be in the queue for the soup or a payday loan after Christmas? Please comment and share your thoughts. You can also follow me on Twitter.

8 responses

  1. Hi Mike, I’m so excited that you’re doing another Christmas story! I have thought of last year’s story often and wondered how Ollie and Ivy are doing.

    Remember when you said I could use one of your Christmas photos with edit? I can’t find where you sent it to me. I want to use it on my Christmas day post, if that’s okay with you.
    Could you please send it to me again?

    Merry Christmas, Mike!

    22, December 2013 at 2:12 pm

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I couldn’t get an ending to the story. It needed a twist at the end like the last one. I tried to write a summer story and never finished it. I’ll try to finish it by Christmas Day. Not many people read it, but those who did liked it.

      I lost that picture, which is the one I have used today, when my computer crashed. Fortunately it’s on Pinterest. In HTML on your site just paste the code. I’ll have to send that to you.

      It will even save you webspace! 🙂 You can alter the dimensions easily, I have them right across the page.

      22, December 2013 at 3:51 pm

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  3. And on top of the Tory cuts, we have them laughing themselves silly over people fighting over food.

    28, December 2013 at 10:59 am

    • Hi Nick,

      Less than 500 days before the general election. They are fooling the middle classes, but will that be enough? I know a lot of people who used to be quite liberal intending to vote Labour. UKIP will do a bit of damage to them too. I don’t trust Labour but they have to be better than these vultures. I hope you had a good Christmas. I have guests tomorrow!

      28, December 2013 at 4:50 pm

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    27, August 2014 at 10:11 am

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