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Christmas Bargains


Aldi is closed today and I think Lidl is too, but most other supermarkets like Asda are starting their Christmas sales.  You can find Aldi’s Christmas opening hours on their website. The special buys have been moved from Thursday to Friday.

The super-six for the rest of the month are clementines (600g), Brussels sprouts  (750g), Maris Piper potatoes (1.5Kg), parsnips (750g), carrots (1.5Kg) and lemons (5). They are all 69p.

The special buys for tomorrow (27th December) include party food like canapés and there is lots of stationary.  There is an electric fireplace heater too. On full power (2Kw) that wouldn’t heat my living room, it might just heat my kitchen. I pay about 12.5p a unit for electricity, so it would cost 25p an hour to run. That would work out to over £90 a month just to heat a small room. That is a little expensive. If you have lots of money and want something decorative I suppose they are alright, but they are not a serious heating solution.

The Sunday special buys include lots of yarn for knitting; great for knitting scarfs and winter woollies.

There are lots of sales on. Matalan has a Santa Onesie in their sale. I’d be worried about the zip getting stuck on one of those.

Curry’s have lots of bargains in technology like a Samsung 60 inch Smart television with Freeview for £999. If you need a television that big you might be better off going to Specsavers. They have a few offers on.

Expect crowds today if you’re going bargain hunting, retailers are expecting to sell 500 million pounds worth of goods today. Many of those goods will be end of lines, so you might get something a bit cheaper, if you’re not a dedicated follower of fashion.

Online shoppers are looking for apps for their computers, tablets and smart phones. Watch out for the hype telling you that the latest ones are so marvellous. They are only little computer programs…

The best bargains that you might find are on the small things and they can be found in most stores. So don’t drive miles wasting fuel, see what your nearest supermarket has to offer. Some of the smaller shops will have little sales or offers too. Search on-line for those bargains too. Amazon has a lot of clothes half price.

I bought a new camera in the summer. It’s now much cheaper. Watch out for dodgy wording on adverts. I found it at Curry’s with a 2 year warranty, but the cheapest on-line said it had a 3 year warranty and was £60 cheaper. I would avoid the cash back deals too,  many are a lot of trouble. One deal on that camera includes 2 lenses, a 55mm lenses with VR and a 200mm lens too. Does the 200mm lens have VR or is it the cheaper one without VR? Doesn’t say…

You might get some cheap bread and mince pies today in the larger supermarkets. If you have missed out so far it might be worth taking a look.  Asda have a smart phone in their sale for 39.00. They have the Galaxy Tab in their Big Sale too. I want one of those, eventually…  I actually want something to keep me amused while I’m in waiting rooms; waiting. I suppose I could try a game on my phone?

Have you seen a sale bargain? Please share your find with a comment. You can also follow me on Twitter and tweet your news.

Enjoy the rest of Christmas and I shall  have more posts before the New Year for you to read and enjoy…


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