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The Christmas review

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Are you thinking about making New Year resolutions? Setting goals in life, whether it’s to lose weight and keep fit or something even more challenging can be useful. Try writing some things down and thinking about what is achievable and how you might achieve it. I have a few goals that include more photography.

I think I’ll be investing more for the future and I’ll be doing some interesting cooking. I want to do more with the garden this year too. I need something new, so I’m considering getting more involved in the community. We make our communities better by becoming more involved. Right? I’ve thought about buying a metal detector and going treasure hunting. Now where might I find treasure around here?

Finance Friday: A look back at 2013 was my finance post on a Zillion Ideas yesterday. Before you set goals for 2014, it might be a good idea to look back at 2013. Then you might set achievable goals.

Christmas bargains was my post on thrifty Thursday. Setting a goal to be more thrifty and frugal in 2014 isn’t a bad idea. I have to consider whether to spend and buy a few things that I would like or invest for the future. Perhaps, we need to find a balance between the two?

Christmas Day in the Black Country was my post on Christmas Day that I wrote while my lunch was cooking. I think Christmas can be tinged with sadness, because how can you enjoy a feast when you know that other people go hungry? Don’t be surprised to see that members of the government have put on a few pounds over Christmas…

Neodigital Art: Christmas Images was my art post on a Zillion Ideas. That one wasn’t very popular, but maybe people were busy on Christmas Eve?

Photography: Calendar photos was here on WordPress. I have to select some pictures for the calendar before the end of January. I keep seeing better light, but it doesn’t last long and it’s been stormy and windy. I would like to get some shots with the camera really still on the tripod and with a narrow aperture in really good light. That’s not so easy in winter! What weather will January bring? I hope some sunshine!

Psychology: Christmas beliefs was my Monday psychology post over on a Zillion Ideas. Beliefs play a big part of Christmas. I’m too cynical and sarcastic for many of them…

Merry Christmas Everybody was my Sunday post. I hope you all had a nice Christmas and are looking forward to the new year.

That was what I wrote through Christmas week. I also went out a couple of times and took photos and did some cooking. I did try to watch a little television, but it was really crap, worse than usual. I’ll be cooking today ready for guests tomorrow. I’ll find time to write something in the morning, so don’t miss that post…

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