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As the sun sets on 2013

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The weather services are saying it’s above freezing this morning, but the pavement outside my house and my car are covered in frost. The year of 2013 is coming to an end and many people’s thoughts are for the future. Are you making any resolutions for 2014? I’ve made a list of goals for 2014.

Slow down

One of the things on my list is to try to slow down. It’s not like I’m in a rush to do anything or get anywhere. It’s just everyone else is rushing around and so I do too. I do tend to rush around the supermarket and I want to slow down and take my time. I tried it, I spent more money! That was on the run up to Christmas though. I think maybe I need to plan more, not only my shopping, but plan when I go out taking photos. Sunday is good and even Boxing day was good, avoiding the traffic. The light for photography is great today and so I might even brave the freezing temperatures!


I shall be writing more in 2014. This year I wrote a amusing post for April Fool’s Day that claimed there was a hoard of gold buried here in Wednesbury. They say there is some truth in every joke. Anyway, I have thought about where the medieval royalty and their knights might have buried treasure and other things. I have some theories about the best places to look. The guy who owns the land where the Staffordshire Hoard was buried has a theory there is more treasure under the M6 toll road. He based that theory on them moving earth when they were building the road or something. My theory is based on seeing a lot of undisturbed land in the Black Country while out taking photographs. Some land has remained relatively undisturbed for a thousand years. I’m even thinking of buying a metal detector to test out my theory. What do you think? Ethelfleda, the warrior princess built a castle here. Where did they hide the treasure?

Primitive tribalism

While the government is taking steps to stop people coming here from the EU and claiming benefits, it panders to the primitive tribalism in the less advanced members of the population. We all tend to think of ourselves as belonging to some clan or tribe. I’m not sure which tribe I belong to, but it’s not the same one as the Bullingdon Boys who run the country. This primitive tendency leads to racism and religious intolerance. The problem with people coming here from other countries isn’t that they claim benefits, but they need housing and jobs and those are in short supply. Employers help many migrants from Eastern Europe come here because they want skilled workers that will work for minimal wages. 

Social Media

Young people are abandoning Facebook, because granny’s on the internet. I think this could be a new opportunity. It seems Myspace is making a bit of a comeback as they concentrate on music and young people love their music. I think there is now room for a new social media channel. I’ve seen many of them. I started on ICQ, back in the days of steam powered computers and gas lamps. It’s a shame we have no smart programmers in the UK or we could start a social media with music and pictures and even video, especially for young people. Maybe we could invent a pill that stopped them getting older and eventually signing in as a granny and embarrassing their grand children? Maybe not…

I started this post with a bit about the weather. The sun’s shining and it’s warming up a little, but Twitter reports accidents on motorways because of black ice. It’s winter now and so everyone needs to be careful. We have more storm forecast for some parts of the country, stock up on a few things. Be prepared for power cuts or whatever else might happen in the coming days. I like optimism, but a little pessimism can be useful too. Balance in all things…

You can comment and tell me what your resolutions and goals are for 2014. You can also follow me on Twitter and tweet about things, like black ice… I wish I could get Twitter alerts about local traffic jams…


5 responses

  1. As long as you don’t forget me when you go hunting treasure, I want to come! 😀

    30, December 2013 at 12:50 am

    • Hi Tia,

      You should know where to look for treasure. Medieval people needed water and food, where did they find those? Princess Ethelfleda or aer’ Ethel, as she might be known would have had treasure. Where was that buried?

      30, December 2013 at 11:10 pm

  2. I can’t see me ever going back to Myspace after the way they treated folk by erasing all our blogs. It was such a good time and I met so many nice folki, some of who I still have contact with … but not many. Shame. Then there are folk who have died. There was a great guy from the states – Bob. A real whisky dfrinking country yank but with a cracking sense of humour. He died a couple of years back but while his blogs were still there, it was like keeping the guy alive. Now … it’s as though he’s been wiped from history.

    30, December 2013 at 12:53 pm

    • Hi Nick,

      It was OK on Myspace at one time. They made it too complicated. Facebook is getting more complicated. I think it’s time for a new social media site.They do all sorts of interesting things in China. Shame i don’t speak Chinese! 🙂

      30, December 2013 at 11:07 pm

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