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Photography: Slow speeds.

1 walkway bridge

At first glance this photo looks good, but it’s slightly blurred. It would have been good if I could have held the camera perfectly still. The other option is to use a faster shutter speed. You can see the frost on the tow path of the canal, so I was shivering a little! A faster shutter speed was the obvious answer.

1 Loxdale

The problem is less obvious in this picture, but I still want to go back and take this shot again with a faster shutter speed in good light. The entries for the waterways photography competition are mostly professional and so I need some good pictures. I like the stone wall in the foreground of this picture.

1 boats resized

Another problem with using too slow a speed is that things move. The boats are moving in this picture and the pigeons are just a unrecognisable blur.

1 Virgin Train

I had just got out of a warm car when I took this photo of a train, so shivering wasn’t such a problem. The train came past quite fast though. It’s interesting , because you can see the train and the station in the same shot! Slow speeds are good for that kind of effect. Notice the mind the gap lettering, that’s not blurred.

1 local train

I quickly switched to the sports setting for this shot. This is a good setting when things are moving and it does multiple shots automatically.

1 Woden Lake

I warmed up and stopped shivering on the way home and so stopped to take this. I had to get one decent photo…

So there you have it, mistakes as well. You can comment below, subscribe using the box in the side bar or follow me on Twitter for updates.

Incidentally, I found one of that bridge was wasn’t blurred. I must have stopped shivering for a moment. I zoomed in and could read the name plate on the bridge, so I might have one for for photo competition.


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