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Britain needs a little luck

1 Loxdale

Another week ends as a New Year begins. We are still at the beginning of winter in Britain and some parts of the country are on severe weather warnings; there has already been flooding. We need a little luck with the weather now, less rain and we need the rest of the winter to be mild. No snow like last winter please!

A mild winter would put many people in credit with their energy bills at the end of winter. The government wouldn’t have to pay out cold weather payments to pensioners. Industry and commerce could save on energy bills too. We would import less natural gas and lower demand would mean lower wholesale prices! It could even bring the country out of recession. Britain needs a little luck; we need a mild winter…

Finance Friday: New Year financial resolutions was my post yesterday as many people struggle to manage after their excesses at Christmas. They need more than a bit of luck, they need to rein in their finances.

Thrifty Thursday: A new year was my thrifty post and being thrifty is a good way of saving money.  I won’t be spending much this month. I shall continue to look around for bargains. 

2014: Day 1 was my post on Wednesday on a Zillion Ideas. That reflected on the year that has just gone and had a few thoughts about the one we have just begun. What will you do with your life in 2014? Do you have some direction or will you just muddle through and do the same stuff as last year?

Photography: Slow speeds was Tuesday’s photography post. Those photos don’t look so bad now. I don’t think they are good enough for a competition though, I’ll try to take some better ones.

Neodigital Art: The last post of 2013 was over on a Zillion Ideas. Those artistic images were good, but I think I can do better. I want to get one of my pictures into an art gallery, so have to keep trying to improve them. I need a bit of luck too.

Psychology: setting goals was over on a Zillion ideas and had some ideas for goals you might set for the New Year. It’s crazy to keep doing the same thing and hoping for a different result. Why not decide to do something different this year and change your life for the better?

As the sun sets on 2013 was my Sunday ramble. I mentioned treasure hunting in that post. Now lets see who is paying attention. Where would you find medieval treasure in the Black Country? If I was burying treasure, it would probably be near a landmark that wasn’t likely to move, like a mature tree. It might be near a well or a river; water was an important resource in medieval times. Places near wells have been built upon, but there are lots of places along the river where the land hasn’t been disturbed for many years. Even if it has been disturbed with earth moving equipment, there could still be something there. Gold and silver was popular in medieval times, they made plates and cups out of it. Porcelain came alone much later from China.

I fancy one of those allotments next to the Manor House now…

That was all this week’s posts. I’ll be writing about something topical again tomorrow. Please comment if you have thoughts about any of this week’s posts. You can also follow me on Twitter. I have a new gadget on a Zillion Ideas, posting pictures to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook…


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