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Bigoted Britain

Midland Metro

Before Christmas I went to my local Midland Metro station to meet two International students coming to visit me. They weren’t carrying signs saying they were students that had paid a lot of money to come and study at our university. The bigots in our community might have mistaken them for immigrants.

Jobs for Romanians

We have a lot of bigots; they read the Daily Mail and the Sun. They also listen to our esteemed Prime Minister who seems to think a flood of immigrants was going to come into the country from Romania and Hungary,  now they are members of the EU. The truth is that jobs here are being advertised in Romania. Jobs that the right wing press say the British won’t do. They’re too idle. They would rather sleep until lunch time and then get up to watch Jeremy Kyle. The truth is those jobs are for strippers in Birmingham night clubs and working as call girls for the filthy rich.

Home Affairs Select Committee Chairman Keith Vaz was photographed greeting Romanians and Bulgarians entering the UK. He took them for coffee at Costa; both of them…

Prisoners at Featherstone demand bigger meal sizes

That’s the headline in one newspaper. Prisoners DEMAND more food! Cheeky buggers! The complaint came from the prison watch report that monitors what is going on in the prison. We all know what happens, they ask a prisoner if he has enough chips and he says he would like a few more and this is put in the report. The bigoted local MP then seizes on this with the usual rhetoric.

South Staffordshire MP Gavin Williamson said he found the complaint hard to swallow. He said: “If they are complaining that their portions are too small, I would remind them that it is us taxpayers on the other side of the fence who are picking up the bill for their food.”

Even prison officers working in that prison think it’s horrible. We are going back to Dickensian times when it’s a crime to ask for more when you’re hungry.

The bigots are calling Featherstone a ‘holiday camp’ and wanting to turn it into a labour camp.

Closing down the labour camps

The Chinese government has decided to become a little more humane in the treatment of it’s citizens and is closing down it’s labour camps. It still has the firing squad for some ‘crimes’ though. I’m surprised the Tory bigots don’t want those brought back here.


The lottery last night could have been exciting with a huge jackpot, but instead it was fairly mundane and boring. That game show is pathetic. Bring back Mystic Meg… All is forgiven… 

That was followed by Casualty. What happened to the music? That drama followed BBC policy of pandering to a minority that seems to include many senior Tories. The story wasn’t very realistic. Two young lads set off fireworks that have been carelessly left lying around in a gay club where a member of staff has carelessly left a gas bottle turned on. The club exploded on New Year’s Eve, but a nurse was there, so no fatalities and only a couple of injuries. It all ended, oh so jolly, with Old Lange Syne…

That was followed by a ‘comedy’. That was badly written too. The idea wasn’t too bad, but it was quite obnoxious and when they have to resort to the f-bomb to make a script interesting that shows desperation. The Catherine Tate Show has been nominated for lots of awards apparently. I’ll quote her to describe the programme, “What a load of ol’ shit!”. When the f-bomb doesn’t work, use a scatological shocker…

That’s the lot for today. Please comment to share your non-bigoted views or you can follow me on twitter.

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