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Photography: Trams and trains

1 Virgin Train

I took this photo on my last outing, the weather since has been terrible. The camera speed was too slow for a fast train, but I like the effect. The train and the station in the same frame!

1 The Metro

This photo of the Midland Metro coming into the station was taken at a much faster speed, around 300th of a second and in the morning sun.

1 local train

This photo of a train was taken on the same speed, but the light wasn’t  quite as good. The speed of the train makes a difference, so too does the camera shutter speed and the light.

1 metro in station

This is a picture of the Metro taken at night and I think it’s quite good. It was taken on a similar speed and so quite fast. I think having a lot of white and lighter colours to reflect the light helped make it a good photo.

Which photo do you like best? Please use the comments box to share your thoughts.

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