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Thrifty Thursday: Value for money

The Aldi super-six until the 15th of January are little gem lettuce (2), cucumber, savoy cabbage, garlic (4), spring onions and celery. They are all 39p each. They are now doing super six meat offers too, click that link to see those.

The special buys today include a fold-able work bench for 10.99. I might take a look at those. It’s not that often these days I would use one though. So is it value for money?

The Sunday special buys at Aldi include lots of things for the kitchen. I need some canisters for my tea, coffee and sugar, because I broke one of mine. I’ll check that set of canisters out for 6.99. Are they value for money? It depends on the quality…

It can be very difficult checking for value for money. I bought a new coat online; it wasn’t cheap and I expected the fabric to be much better quality. I’ll make sure I buy in-store next time. I haven’t seen a better one for the same price though and so I think I would have to pay a lot more for a better quality coat.

Value for money when buying food is difficult. It depends what you enjoy, but most snacks seem poor value for money. You have to consider how nutritious the food is and how healthy. If you’re hungry, it’s easy to get drawn to junk food that is expensive when you’re out. I tend to eat before I go out, even eating before you go shopping in the supermarket can make the cakes,  biscuits and chocolate seem less tempting.  Check your bill too, any ‘food’ that has 20% VAT added to it, might not be good value for money.

In electronic goods, televisions offer a lot of entertainment for the money. I saw one 84 inches wide and costing £15,000 yesterday, that might not be such good value. Buying a DVD at 14.99 for less than 2 hours of entertainment isn’t good value, but buying a game for a games console that you will play over and over again, does seem good value to me. I think games consoles are very good value for the entertainment they provide. My laptop provides a way of writing this blog post and it has many other uses and so seems to be good value. My cell phone is poor value by comparison, despite being a ‘smart’ phone. Even my camera which cost nearly as much as my laptop is used less and so is not such good value. So a measure of value is how much we actually use something. Another measure of value is how much we really enjoy using the product when we do use it. I get a lot of pleasure from photography and so that adds to the value. I suppose many people get pleasure from playing games on smart phones and texting their friends, so they might get better value from them than me.

Music can be hard to evaluate when it comes to value for money. We do listen to it over and over again and quality is important. It can be worth buying a CD if you think it will remain a favourite for some time. Personally, I own classical music on CD, but not popular music, which tends to be frequently replaced by something new.

Pandering to the latest fashion or trend doesn’t seem to be good value for money. I rarely see the latest movie, but I see it eventually, either on DVD or on television. Why do people need to see the latest movie? Usually to tell all their friends about it!

What have you found to be good value? What do you think is a waste of money? Please comment using the box below. You can also follow me on Twitter and there are more posts over on a Zillion Ideas.


3 responses

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  2. Hi Mike,

    I’m a fellow West Midlands Aldi fan. I love your frugal fridays.

    I’m following a similar theme as your frugal fridays this january, as I attempt to live off an average of a pound a day on food – all goods sourced from Aldi, starting with a bare cupboard.

    As I am trying to raise funds for the Trussell Trust – I was wondering if I could trouble you to have a read of my site and if you feel amenable, mention my experiment in one of your blog posts to help me gain exposure.

    Just to remain firmly ontopic – you may like to take advantage of some of Aldi’s most recent offers to make a vegetarian minestrone soup – I got a recipe off the BBC website which I have to say is pretty good – I made use of it on the following post to cook up 6 fantastic portions –



    13, January 2014 at 12:16 am

    • Hi Steve,

      It is still possible to live on a pound a day, but prices have gone up in the last few years and so it will be a struggle. You need to be careful to get enough fruit and vegetables. I’ll check out you post later and maybe mention it when I’m writing about Aldi and saving money. I made soup last week with onios and celery, it was nice!

      13, January 2014 at 8:41 am

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