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Photography: Competition Photos

1 s DSC_5960

I took this photo yesterday when the sun came out. It looked like a great shot, but it was into the sun. The tow path was damaged and uneven and I was on a very narrow part next to the water. You need to be careful in such locations!

1 r bridge

I lost depth when I zoomed in, but it made the bridge clearer and that was the subject of the picture. It also made the rubbish dumped in the water stand out more too… I had to make both these images lighter because the camera was tricked by the bright light into a fast shutter speed. That made the images dark.

1 winter canal image

The camera takes large images. 6000 pixels by 4000 pixels and I have it set on it’s best setting. I want images for a waterways calendar. This allows me to crop some off to get the image I want.  This image might be good enough for a calendar. I’ve resized it for the internet, but the original is big enough for a large print. I think this image has depth and although it was sunny and a blue sky, it is most definitely winter!

1 r edit of unusual bridge

That little bridge on the left is usual and we can see it better now I’ve zoomed in, but it’s still not the main subject of the photo. It does add to the interest though and the reeds add a pattern. Patterns always make images look more interesting. Patterns on bridges are always fascinating, especially if the light shines through the iron work.

I think I’m running out of time for really good shots for the calendar competition. I keep trying for a better image. I have one more weekend and would like the light to be like yesterday again. There was too much traffic to get from place to place yesterday and it was freezing cold! I would really like a few shots with more colour, maybe a narrow-boat in the shot. I would have to go farther along the canal for narrow-boats.

I think my third photograph today might be the best one to enter in the competition. What do you think? Please share your views in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.


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