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Thrifty Thursday: January bargains

The Aldi super-six this week are butternut squash, onions (1Kg), swede, Chantenay carrots (500g), baby potatoes (750g) and tomatoes (6 pack) They are all 49p each and that offer continues until the 30th of January.

The super-six meat offers this week are Southern fried chicken goujons 99p a pack, British lamb shoulder joint (5.99/kg), gammon steaks (1.49 a pack), British pork fillet (6.49 Kg), Simon Howie wee black pudding (99p – 200g) and fresh haggis (1.29 a pack).

The special buys today include more foods from Scotland including Irn Bru (2 X 2l for 1.99). There are other Scottish delicacies too. You can click that link to see the rest of the offers, they include cleaning materials. The sink un-blocker is useful, but be careful not to get that on your skin. The spray and mop stuff isn’t worth the money, it’s not very good. I do need something to clean my hob, it will need to be something high powered!

The Sunday special buys include a rice cooker for 14.99 and lots of other things like a wok set and mini wok for Asian cooking. The stir fry sauces are worth trying. You can get some of that stuff and cook a Chinese banquet for Chinese New Year (31st of January). The 5 spice seems expensive, so you might get that cheaper somewhere else. I had 2 for £2.00 some time ago from Asda (on offer).

I’ve been trying to learn how to use chopsticks. I would starve to death if I had to eat using those!

Amazon have a few offers on, but it depends what you need. Most people are saving money and spending little in January. I ordered some filters for my camera yesterday. The free music downloads didn’t impress me, but they are free! They keep trying to tempt me with 2600mm lens for my camera. Much as I drool, I can resist…

Matalan has a sale and their home-ware might be worth a look. They have a nice teddy bear for £3.00. We were going to buy one of those and take it places when we go out taking photos. We could have teddy goes to the seaside days or teddy goes shopping days! You could always buy it for a child of course…

George at Asda have a sale. There are one or two bargains, but nothing to shout about. Last time I went to an Asda superstore I bought shoes and they’re still good now, so you can always find a bargain if you look for something you really need.

Everyone is trying to save money after the extravagance of Christmas and New Year. If you do have spare cash you can save by buying  tee shirts and things for the summer. Shop around for the best prices and that includes the best interest rates if you do need to borrow money. Don’t be tempted by pay-day loans this month. Ask around to see if there is a credit union you can join, but many require you to save with them first. If you’re desperate, contact you local council. Many have a budget for helping ‘people in need’ that isn’t being used. Get referred to a food bank if things are really bad.

Found any bargains? Please share your news  in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates. I’m still saving with Zopa and I found joining GiffGaff was a good idea too; I’m getting free texts and calls to my friends; both of them…


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