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The weekend review


I took today’s photo in bright sunshine, unfortunately I don’t have that picture any more. The original was wiped from my computer. I only have this smaller one now, which isn’t suitable for a calendar. I’m hoping the sun will come out this weekend so I can try to get the same shot again. We do have some nice places in the Black Country, it’s a shame they’re not always appreciated.

Local councils could do a lot to make places nicer, but they are often municipal vandals and it’s so not surprising people don’t take pride in the place they live in. It’s up to us all; companies, councils, public services, charities and above all the people to keep our environment nice.

Thrifty Thursday: January Bargains was my thrifty post this week. There are signs the world economy is recovering, but we still need to save a few quid.

How to become a great writer was a post on a Zillion Ideas this week. I still need people to write articles for a Zillion Ideas. If you have a creative streak, why not get in touch (email address in the sidebar).

Neodigital Art: canals was also on a Zillion Ideas. You are also welcome to submit photographs and artistic edits for a Zillion Ideas too.

Photography: Competition photos was my Tuesday photography post. I have some more photos for the competition, but I’m not done yet. Maybe I’ll get some tomorrow.

Psychology: Balanced views was this week’s psychology post on a Zillion Ideas.

Kidding themselves was my Sunday ramble and  look at life. I’ll be doing another one of those tomorrow. They are always popular. I might be writing about honesty tomorrow. Do you think we should always be honest and say what we think or should we be diplomatic. Are there times when it’s best to say nothing? I went to the bathroom just before I started writing today’s post. You don’t want to know why. Do you? It wasn’t to take a selfie! Things happen in the bathroom and bedroom that are best kept to yourself. Some people think they should broadcast everything to all and sundry. We have to be diplomatic, white lies are sometimes the best course and keeping your mouth shut is often the best course too.

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4 responses

  1. Is that a footbridge? a rail bridge? It’s very pretty whatever.

    18, January 2014 at 11:06 am

    • Hi Myfanwy,

      It’s a footbridge, quite high because the narrow-boats have to pass underneath it. That stretch is quite popular for narrow-boats too. They have an annual event a little farther down the canal, which I hope to photograph this year. Those iron bridges are quite rare now and so they are being checked and restored.

      18, January 2014 at 12:17 pm

      • Our canal only has brick bridges – well, the old ones, anyway. No iron works in this area – but lots of old brick kilns. That’s what makes different areas so unique, isn’t it.

        18, January 2014 at 12:40 pm

      • Yes, in the Black Country we had iron founders making bridges and brick makers making the famous blue bricks, so we have both. Many people don’t realise what they are seeing when they see bridges made of thousands of blue bricks. They are quite rare now. I did notice they are using block paving on tow paths and it seems some people are stealing it! We have more canals than Venice and so I think they’re quite an important part of our heritage.

        19, January 2014 at 8:31 am

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